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  • Low intensity jogging


    Does anyone (with an average fitness level) perform low intensity jogging? How long can you keep it up?

    I want to try some low intensity jogging and I was looking for personal experiences, just to guide myself.

    It happens to me that I can barely reach that 70% heart rate by walking on the beach, I can't walk faster than 4 miles an hour and I'm not overweight or injured.

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    If you are fit then jogging counts as move slowly, go for it. I don't monitor my heart-rate, so I'm happy walking as my move slowly and I can't jog as I'm usally carrying a baby in a sling (which ups the work rate anyway) but if I walk on my own I sometimes lope along at an easy jog/very fast walk pace, just as walking feels too relaxed.
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      I was doing it for a while last summer. I'm terrible at running and was able to get up to a 2.5 hour run, although 1.5 hours was a lot more enjoyable. I liked just going out there and seeing where I could go. I found some really nice horse trails and jogged through some real nice parts of town and just found it to be kinda relaxing and adventurous at the same time. I wore a heart rate monitor to keep track of my heart rate and stay where I wanted it to be.
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        i enjoy it! i'm no distance runner, i'm a terrible runner. i think last time i slowly jogged i went like 7 mins and felt i was gonna die hahaha. using rest periods with walking i could cover pretty big distances and it was enjoyable and i didn't feel negative effects at the end (:


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          Get the book by Jeff Galloway on beginning running. He advocates a gentle run-walk method that has worked well for me. I get plantar fasciitis at the drop of a hat and so far it has not returned. Pretty Primal theory: run 10-20 seconds, walk 1-2 minutes, repeat!
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            I've just started a couch to 10k on the treadmill at my gym and so far I love it. Right now (the second week) it's 90 sec runs sandwiched between 120 sec walks. When I say "run" I mean rogging....running/jogging. Not a sprint. It feels fantastic and I hope to use it to build endurance and exercise my lungs so that I can do it for long periods of time. I'd like to work up to the 10k and beyond. If you'd like to try it I recommend the phone app called 10k Runner - it will talk you through when to jog and when to walk.
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              I do low intensity jogging for 1 hour. I am cardio fit, but im carrying an extra 16lbs than i want to. I never used my heart rate montior properly so i have done alot of reading and got some advise, to lose body fat you should train between 65-80% max (ive been advised to only to go 75%). For cardio fitness anything above 80% will help. I find if im on the treadmill and i jog for 15mins first i can keep my heart rate up, but if im outside on flat ground i have to jog the full hour, but very slow.