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Neck Muscles During Pushups

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  • Neck Muscles During Pushups

    Hi everyone,

    after some time of no strength training I am back to bodyweight stuff. I notice that on my 3rd set of pushups though the muscles in the back of my neck start to feel like they are working (where they should not). I have noticed this in the past when i have been stronger doing bench press: a tendency to start to feel strain in the back of the neck.

    Does anyone know what might be going on here? If so, is there a way to test/verify and a suggested solution?

    Right now I am planning on just stopping the pushups when this starts to happen, concluding that it is poor recruitment due to not being strong in the right areas for the movement but I'd appreciate some advice!

    Many thanks,

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    first thought that comes to mind is possibly your posture is off meaning that your head is normally tilted forward a little and while doing push-ups if you are keeping your head up looking out that would cause those muscles to work to keep your head up. just a thought


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      Are you letting your head drop down? You can strain the back of your neck if your chin is too close to your chest. Try to keep your spine straight, all the way from your butt to the base of your skull.


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        Where is your face pointed? The floor between your fingertips? Your belly? In front of your hands (or even at the distance in front of you)?

        Like another commentor said, make sure your neck/spine is straight from your tailbone to your skull. If you look at your toes or belly, or look at the wall in front of you, that's going to strain your neck. I keep focused on a spot in between my hands, in line with my finger tips.
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          Thanks everyone.

          I think my position is straight. Though I will have to check that at the weekend when i workout again.

          What worries me is that i have experienced the same thing doing bench press. I do have some pains in the pecs which i can't quite get to effectively with a ball, so figured maybe it was a mobility thing...?


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            Why are you convinced that your neck shouldn't be working during a pushup? What muscles do you expect to keep your head from dangling freely?
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              Engaging the core is very important while doing push ups, make sure you are doing that. If the core is not engaged, you will be putting extra strain on other parts of your body to compensate.