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How to Substitute 50 pull-ups?

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    Thank you, Icarian I go through weird swings - in the gym, I feel at ease, and great about doing whatever I chose to do that day, but most other time I feel in the 'whom the hell am I kidding?' sort of way.

    Mr. Anthony, I would love to see anyone capable of putting 50 pull-ups in a row & actually capable of doing this particular routine as posted. Since you are running in between, you do get a 6-7 min break between the pull-ups. It was quite alright with the push-ups. I used to run and drop into a smaller sets of push-ups before (10-15) and I love it, very natural feel to it outdoors.

    Now, my side neck muscle feel like they were worked. Not traps, not the back of the neck. The sides. Weirdest DOMs ever. The rest are in all the expected places, lol.

    I can see the turn off in X-fit workouts, but there is a fun element to it, opening up that page every night and making a plan of the attack It is different from my usual way when I establish a routine and print it out for at least like 12 weeks, with the designed repetitiveness (It's Tuesday, so must be squats). There is also that 'shrug off' attitude. Yeah, we did pull-ups yesterday, and we are doing them today. And a bazillion of them... so what. Kindda fun for me to break every rule that way.

    Anyway, I am doing it for a month, as close as I can manage, and then I will see what's next.
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      I have certain goals where I want to be able to say, I can do that. I have other goals where I want to be able to train to do something, make a video of me doing it, upload it to youtube, and then never do it again. This is that sort of workout.