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    I'm going to start resistance training and have decided to start with the Primal Essential Movements and then go from there. I also walk an hour a day with my dogs and do yoga almost everyday. I just want to start toning up as I'm nearing my goal weight (almost 100 lbs gone in the past 13 months) so I need to tighten things up.

    I need to buy a pull up bar but the ceilings in my house are kind of low. I'm not that tall, 5'7", but the door frames in my house don't look as tall as what I see in push up videos on the internet. When I raise my arms in a a door frame my mid palm reaches the start of the molding. I think I'll definitely need to use a chair to start as I've always struggled with upper body strength even when I was relatively fit in the past. How do I do this in a normal sized door frame?

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    Get one of those pullup bars you just screw in (it just looks like a bar and uses pressure to hold itself in place, no nails or bolts or anything). When you're doing pullups, fold your legs under you and cross your ankles. That way you don't have to be very high up for the same effect.

    Enjoy the torture, mate. (I'm not against pullups, I do them; they're just torture.)
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      I have one mounted on the wall in a room that has an unfinished interior wall. It is exactly the right height so I can just reach up and grab it, seeing as I am the household member who installed it . But lots of people hang a bar in the only place they can mount it, then grab it and pull up their legs so they are hanging.

      If you go to, you will find lots of different styles of bars to peruse.


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        I actually got one at of all places Walgreens! It was maybe $30. It took five minutes to put together. It fits over the doorframe in one of my bathrooms, so you can take it down in about five seconds. I use a stepstool to stand on and am, right now, doing about 12 assisted pullups with one leg. (My disgusting ex-Army ranger son in law informed me that he is back up to 10 pullups unassisted; this with a six month old baby and a busy job as n engineer.) Some apartment owners frown on you screwing things into door frames. Since you sound taller than me, you can always bend at the knees.

        Also look around your neighborhood. When we were in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago on vacation, I found a park two blocks from our house with monkey bars that were perfect for pullups. Elementary schools are another good bet.
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          the door frame bars are convenient and sturdy, get one and get to work!
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            Originally posted by iniQuity View Post
            the door frame bars are convenient and sturdy, get one and get to work!
            I agree with this completely. They can feel kind of flimsy at first, but I've yet to break mine. If it is too low, bend your legs


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              Thanks for the comments everyone! I'm just going to get one that fits in a door frame and figure it out once I get it. I'm sure some leg bending will be involved. There's a playground with monkey bars I could use too but I want to practice at home first so I don't get shown up by the seven year olds! :P