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  • Flexibility exercises?

    Seeking advice....I am in the middle of getting an autoimmune condition diagnosis - most probable culprit judging from how I'm feeling...will probably be rhuematoid arthritis. Right now I do a lot of walking and that's about it. I have a FitBit and most days do 10000 steps, some days more. I have a set of resistance bands calling my name. I'm troubled by overall stiffness and vague joint pain. I'm only 49 and should NOT be feeling like this. Husband suggested tai chi and yoga. I'm open to all suggestions and advice.

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    I have always been a flexibility buff, at least when I exercise. I can't give you any advice specific to your condition, but I think everybody should flex regularly. YouTube is a great resource to explore possibilities and techniques.


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      If you have something specific you are looking for, MobilityWOD is a great resource, if a little unorganized.


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        Originally posted by jfreaksho View Post
        If you have something specific you are looking for, MobilityWOD is a great resource, if a little unorganized.
        That's alright, I am unorganised too. :/

        Thanks for the suggestion...gonna check it out.


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          I went on the GAPS diet for suspected food intolerance and my joint pain went away. I continue to use homemade stock or gelatin to help me stay off Advil. Pre-GAPS I used (and still do) the stretches in Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. They were the only thing that got me through long long hours in an office chair. They seem benign, but they really helped me to get rid of chronic muscle spasms and tightness.


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            Thanks Cierra and Glenview...I will check all those resources!

            I've been researching diet changes too. I'm thinking of going completely gluten free, and also nightshade free. It's taking so long to get in to see the specialist, I might as well be proactive.


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              Prior to cutting out gluten and processed foods, I was sure I had developed rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia, or something, because I was so stiff and achey all the time. I was also 49 and felt like an old woman. I have no idea what exactly I was eating that made me feel like crap, but after 6 months of eating better (and not obsessively better) I am *feeling* much better.

              I recently started taking yoga and can tell that it is helping the residual stiffness in my hips. Some classes/instructors seem to be more effective than others. There is one hot vinyasa flow class at my local studio that leaves me feeling amazing. Again, I'm not sure if it's the flexibility training or the body weight exercise that is strengthening my core muscles. Maybe it's a combination.
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                I can't comment on your condition but can't see why gentle Yoga would be a problem. I'v recently started doing it since advice from my physio. I have a niggling back problem that is due to years of bad posture etc. The Physio says simply there is no poing be strong and fit etc if your not mobile in later life.
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                  In this case my advise is to do the exercise daily and i think you will become good earlier.


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                    It's difficult to recommend specific exercises without knowing your exact problems, but something that seems to work for most people in terms of reducing overall stiffness is self-myofascial release (soft-tissue work).

                    You can do this with a foam roller (should be able to find one for around $10-$15 at any sporting goods store). I still consider this one of the best investments I've ever made. There are plenty of videos on Youtube on how to foam roll specific body parts that you may want to focus on.

                    Overall, foam rolling has made me feel 100% better throughout the day and for my workouts.

                    Hope this helps a bit!
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                      In convict conditioning book2 there are 3 stretching exercises I like to do. Takes only 4 x 20 seconds, it is called the trifecta and supposed to help with injuries as well


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                        Thank you so much, everyone! I truly appreciate your responses.

                        I did a few simple stretches last night before bed and was horrified by how stiff I really am now. I had a bout of frozen shoulder (both shoulders) two years ago and am still gimped up from that. I'm sure it was a precursor to whatever I've got going now.

                        Onwards I'd be helpful if we had a rewind button and got some "re-dos" but as we don't...just get started TODAY right?


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                          I have had non-specifc joint pain and muscle pain with a great deal of stiffness and inflammation, I was always trying to stretch because of the tightness. After a transition to Primal (gradually, before even knowing about it), I only stretch lightly because it feels so unnecessary. Abstaining from gluten, nightshades, and corn took all the inflammation out of my joints and muscles. I'm nearly 50 and feel better than I have in 19 years.
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