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Anyone have a Concept 2 rower? Any comments or reviews, please?

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  • Anyone have a Concept 2 rower? Any comments or reviews, please?

    Hubby is interested in getting a Concept 2 rower. I'm excited that he's going to get back into getting fit, and I want to use it too. Can anyone who owns one or regularly trains on one comment on the machine itself and/or your routines on the machine? What do you find are the physical benefits of rowing on your body?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I had one 5 years ago. Great full body workout. Good for long slow, intervals, sprints. You can really exhaust yourself, fall off the side gasping for breth, if you want to push it. Careful with your back.

    And boooooooring. Confirmed my belief that I. Was better off exercising outside rather than sweating while staring at a wall.


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      Used at my gym for several years. Good meditation, if you are into it. Agree with PP.
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        I consider the Concept 2 Rowing machine to be the best aerobic workout of any machine I have ever been on. My first experience on one was many years ago when I ran every day and was in great shape. I spent 20 minutes on it and then nearly passed out from exhaustion.

        I own one now. I agree that it can be boreing, but it is a great whole body workout.


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          Originally posted by flyjeffva View Post
          I agree that it can be boring, but it is a great whole body workout.

          Yeah, me too, but that's what audiobooks are for. Running on the track at my Y is boring too, but when a cultured voice is reading to me, I can go for hours. And we intend to set it up facing a TV. I NEVER watch any TV, but I'll probably find a few things to keep me interested while I row. How loud is it when you have one at home? It's really hard to tell when I'm in the enormous open space of the Y with dozens of other cardio machines going at the same time.


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            I've had a concept 2 for a few years now. They are great bits of kit, and even if you buy a second hand one (in reasonable condition) they will last forever. I use mine for warmup/cooldown around weights sessions, for interval training (which I think they excel at) and for measuring my fitness with 100% effort TTs (normally 2k). I agree that using them for long periods at low intensity is quite boring, personally if I'm doing long duration/low intensity I would always go for a walk/run/bike ride. At high intensity the rower is far too much hard work to be boring.


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              They are at the class I take. They are my favorite cardio thing, but we only use them for short intervals. I like them because I can get my heart rate up in a quick time manner without my legs or arms giving out first (for example, there are some ski machines, and my arms give out before my heart rate gets up and the aerodyne bikes kill my legs).

              That said, it would probably be boring for me to row on that thing for 30 minutes, but any other piece of equipment is equally boring!

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                I have been using C2s off and on for several years. They are one of the best (in my opinion) pieces of equipment out there. Whatever your needs are they can contribute effectively. You can go steady-state, time-trial, Tabata, etc. One common technique is to row steadily, but with a "power 10" thrown in every minute or two. And a great benefit for me - never any DOMS after a workout. I guess because it has no eccentric contractions. But do yourselves a favor and pay close attention to technique videos. It is painful (mentally) to watch people with horrible technique trashing a potentially good workout.


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                  I did 2000m on the C2 machine at the Y last night in 12:30 at a fairly low tension setting. It was boring since I didn't remember to bring my earbuds in from the car so couldn't listen to my booktape. But it was a good workout. I was tired by the end - new use for the unused muscles, I guess.

                  The Y has other rowers, I noticed too late, set up right against the glass wall overlooking the pool. I would have something better to look at than the treadmill walkers.


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                    to overcome the boredom I do 6 x 30 second sprints with 30 second rests in between. Once a month I do 500 meter race.
                    Their website has all sorts of times as well as competitions around the world.


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                      Did a second rower workout yesterday at the Y, this time overlooking the pool so I could watch my son in the Special Olympics Swim Team practice. I did 2000m at one tension setting higher than last time, and finished in the same 12:30, so I guess that's progress? Then I started playing with the monitor and played a 4 minute fish game that required that the level of effort change to move the fish (me) up and down the screen to eat the other fish and avoid being eaten. Not sure if I liked that as much as the steady state rowing.

                      I an feel a slight muscle soreness tension in my shoulders this morning. What is recommended for warming up and/or stretching before or after a rowing workout?


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                        I purchased a new C2 last year because I had enjoyed using one so much at CrossFit. It was simple/stupid to assemble and is made to last forever. I rationalized the purchased by looking at the price for used C2's and found that they were only slightly less than the new models. So if I got tired of it, I would only be out one or two hundred dollars.


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                          Vick are you still doing john littles max pyramid training? What have been your results with it?

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                            I've had one for several years, use it regularly, and I like it for the same reasons that others have posted.

                            I also like it because I *don't* have to plug it in! It needs only my body to power it!


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                              I've had a C2 (Model D with PM3) for a number of years. I really like the ability to rerow a previous workout, basically race against yourself. I have workouts going back to 2007 so I can see how I compare to the younger me.

                              I pretty much stick to the 5000 meter rows, not sure I'd enjoy much more than 20 minutes on the thing. I am now combining my C2 workouts with SimpleFit and it's starting to yeild some good results. I also run and cycle so for me it's just an option for sprint type workouts. Like a PP stated, anything of a longer duration I prefer to do outdoors on something that moves (feet, bike, etc)
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