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"Dancers Are The Athletes of God" -Albert Einstein

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  • "Dancers Are The Athletes of God" -Albert Einstein

    I don't really visit these forums often, but using a quick google search, I didn't find many posts on dancing. Now I'm fine with people who seek out and enjoy the limited kinda stuff I have found on here, but half the posts I've seen on dance looked like some Nu-Age, hipster, mumbo-jumbo... Just speaking my opinion haha. I mean, I understand people trying to get in touch with their "primal roots". I just don't see how Amazon Jungle dancing can have a thread when there are amazing dances being molded and shaped as we type, right in your backyard!

    Let me present the dances:

    -Melbourne Shuffle: I am currently learning this one. After just one month I have noticed a DRAMATIC increase in my foot speed and stamina. Try to make it through just ONE hardstyle song, I dare ya. The snow melted recently and I broke my hill sprint record by 20%, haven't done any sprints in months. Running man for twenty minutes beats the socks off running for twenty minutes.

    The dance is great because it's simple enough that you can dance to songs within two weeks, yet it will take you years before you can dance like the gods here.
    Shuffle Battle: Sacco vs Bulldog - YouTube

    You can do it in barefeet too (most dances done at home can be)
    happy hardcore shuffle - Castle in the sky - DJ Satomi - YouTube

    -Jumpstyle: A much simpler dance than the shuffle. I haven't learned it yet, as I do most of my dancing in my room, which would be disturbing to my housemates. Many electro dancers claim this as the perfect "conditioning" dance.

    This dance can be done solo, but looks especially amazing when choreographed with a partner.

    -X-Outing: Personally I'm not a big fan DnB, but many people are. I've heard it's a more simple dance to learn like Jumpstyle.

    For those EDM cravings where you don't want to hear any thumpin' bass.
    DNB Dance Collaboration (Drum Step X-Outing) - YouTube

    -Liquid/Gliding: Perfect for when you feel like dancing, but already have exhausted muscles. I'm learning this right now as well, alongside the shuffle. Gliding has made me aware of muscles in my feet I didn't know existed, and Liquid has done the same for my hands. It's one of those dances you can get creative with fitting in practice. I glide to get around in my room, and practice liquid hand movements while waiting around. These dances fit more into static strength/relaxation, rather than cardio like all the others. Never underestimate though!

    Great for EDM breakdowns and buildups, it just looks and feels so smooth!
    some dude liquid dancing - YouTube

    -C-Walk: Very cool dance for hip-hop. It has many similar steps with Shuffling. It's a bit more technical, but not as demanding.

    This dance can be super chill (but even still, good cardio)...
    Lets Make Some Love - Kyren - C-Walk - YouTube

    ...Or it can be tailored to the speed of light!
    Probably the best C walker ever!! - YouTube

    -Jerk: Don't even need to be told what swag means if you've seen this dance. I haven't learned it yet, and watching some of the moves, it might be the one dance I list where you may need shoes to pull off some of the moves.

    The Top 10 Best Jerks Jerkers on Youtube - YouTube

    There are plenty of other dances out there that fit under these relevant, modern genres. I'm not averse to other genres by any means, I'm classically trained on the piano and love the music. I'm just trying to present a user friendly list of dances.

    Let me list the pros that my dancing fitness plan has over others:
    -Great cardio
    -Uses muscles in ways you NEVER have before
    -Like to party but try to abstain from alcohol? Talking to drunk people = tempting to drink. Dancing with drunk people = unbelievable fun.
    -Plenty of youtube tutorials, you can learn all of these dances comfortably in your own room for the most part
    -Convenience. No need to travel or set up team meeting. Got five minutes, smart phone, and headphones? Dripping sweat, and a smile on your face in no time.
    -Many will argue against this, but would you rather show off your dance moves? Or your deadlift? (After much practice of course!)
    -Flexibility and variety. If my brain is tired I can choose simple steps. If I'm bored there are always new steps to learn and new styles. It can involve complex planning and multitasking, or I can run on autopilot. Slow consistent pace for twenty minutes? Or all out for three?
    -Will do more to attract girls than anything else on this fitness forum. I saw that ladies already have a belly dancing and pole dancing thread.
    -Expression and freedom. Nuff said, sometimes I feel a true euphoria I have never felt from lifting/sprints.

    I'm not saying it's better than everything else in fitness. It won't build muscles like weightlifting. It doesn't have the competition or team spirit of sport. It's another tool in the primal belt, to help mesh primal lifestyle and modern society beautifully.

    Thirty minutes a day for a month and see what you think. Bet you'll be an addict.

    My 2 C.

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    I think if you have fun doing it, then why not? I dance around the house with my son, and it definitely feels like a workout to me.


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      Cool stuff! Thanks for providing all those links

      Welcome to the forum