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Getting the most EFFICIENT time window for your Strength Workout (food timing)

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  • Getting the most EFFICIENT time window for your Strength Workout (food timing)

    I do Stronglifts 3x a week most of the time. Luckily, I work from home so I can time my workouts to a tee. at 11am I have my pre-workout shake (Cream,Peanutbutter,Coconutmilk,Raw Egg,Maybe Whey & Maybe Bit of Greek yoghurt). I then workout at 1pm (I have black coffee 10-15 minutes before for a boost).

    Normally I've always left a 2 hour window, but before I went primal I ate solids. Normaly it was Peanut Butter on brown toast. I was thinking, would the Liquid shakes I have now 'absorb' quicker than the solids I used to have? Is 2 hours too long to get the most out of my shake? Or doesn't it really matter?

    I'd like to know more information about how the body processes food, inparticularly, how MY body would act and perform with my diet. Here's my usual workout-day diet

    Breakfast (6-8am. Whenever I wake)

    4 Rashers Bacon
    4 Eggs Scrambled
    Knob of Butter (Literally choped of the stick)
    Coffee with squirty cream

    Pre w/o:

    Cream,Peanutbutter,Coconutmilk,Raw Egg,Maybe Whey & Maybe Bit of Greek yoghurt. Essentially a load of fat mixed together.

    Post w/o

    Whey with water, MAYBE a bit of squirted cream

    Post w/o meal

    Salad (Whole bag of salad greens with a variety of 'accessory' veggies and a Protein source, and fat 'accessories' grated cheese,oils etc)


    Veg & meat (literally.......meatza, steak and whatever) It's ALWAYS a meat source and a form of veg.

    With this diet, how would my body perform if I just had breakfast, with NO shake, and worked out at 1pm. If I eat at 7am, thats 6 hours before working out. Ive always thought, 2 hours before gym, eat, to fuel it, workout! But do you guys leave bigger gaps ? Should I drop this CW because maybe the whole 2 hour thing has to do with how carbs behave?

    So many little coherency!