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bodyweight exercises for traps?

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  • bodyweight exercises for traps?

    hi, all. i tried googling this and tried several sources, but could not find a single bodyweight exercise for traps. does anyone know any? a link to an article or website explaining them would be very much appreciated. thank you!

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    If you can hang vertically upside down from a pull up bar, or dip bars, you can do shrugs.
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    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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      Do kipping pullups they work the traps to a certain extent! Are you doing this for esthetical reasons? - why do you want more traps since they take away the illusion of shoulder width and makes you look like an average gymrat? Listen to Vince Gironda and build your side delts and upper lats first...
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        bodyweightfitness: search results


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          thanks for your responses. i have a pull up bar in my garage but not sure if its stable enough to try hangin upside down from! ill try it though! yes its for aesthetic reasons. i just like the looks of them i already kind of have wide shoulders though. a couple of people have complimented me on them ive just been wondering on how to train them with calisthenics. thanks though! what about bodyweight forearm exercises? wont pull ups be about the best exercise for them?


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            Pullups are a good start for forearms, but then you want to start hanging on the bar for time as well.
            Progressive steps:
            1. Both hands on the bar.
            2. One hand on the bar, one hand hanging from a towel draped over the bar.
            3. One hand hanging onto each end of the towel.
            4. Each hand gets its own towel.

            The best thing I've found to balance out the squeezing work is hand balancing- crow poses/frog stand, free-standing handstands, etc. These require your fingers to extend and be strong.

            Fingertip pushups also help, but remember:
            1. Don't overdo it. Do wall or knee pushups to start. You only need a couple sets of 5 or so.
            2. Keep your fingers straight, and put the pads of your fingers down, not the very tips.
            3. Focus on extending your fingers out as much as you can, while keeping your palms off the surface you are pushing against.