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Got my eating habits sorted out, now I want to lean out and be stronger!

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  • Got my eating habits sorted out, now I want to lean out and be stronger!

    Hi all, my first time posting in this section, and it's probably a question your asked all the time, but what I really want is to lean out (lose some body fat) whilst becoming stronger without putting any real bulk on (I'm slim as it is so don't really want to lose any more weight, rather just define what Iv'e all ready got) Iv'e not interests in becoming big or putting mass on for example.

    I do however want to get involved in lifting heavy stuff, and using this as a workout 3 times a week, in addition to weekly session of football(I believe they call it soccer in the US :P) where a lot of sprinting is involved, I will probably add a sprinting session midweek on one of my off days from the lifting.

    Mon: Lifting
    Tues: Off
    Wed: Lifting
    Thu: Sprints
    Fri: Lifting
    Sat: Hiking/long country walk
    Sun: Football/Soccer session

    Would this be appropriate and fit in with PB?

    When it comes to lifting I have absolutely no idea, I just about know what a deadlift is for example, and Iv'e no idea which exercises, the weight, and the reps are required for someone that has never lifted before and someone that doesn't want to bulk up but rather wants to cut the fat he already has.

    I'm 5"9, and roughly 135lbs, if theres anymore information I can give that might help or iv'e left anything out please say

    Thanks guys

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    You will have to up your protein intake with such a program and maybe do some carb refeeds meals after heavy work-outs (with as low in fat as possible during these refeeds). I should think that you have to rest more often but that depends on how much energy you feel ...

    Don't wear out, you need recovery and low stress periods as well. Moving your all the time is very stressing


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      I can't do three days of lifting each week anymore, and I certainly can't do lift/sprint/lift. Put your sprints on a lifting day, after lifting. They take a few minutes only, and you can still get the benefits from them even while tired, as long as you do them at max effort of what you have left. This will give you a full rest day, which you will probably need. (Someone may chime in and say that it reduces the benefits from the lifting, but I'm not going into that now.) Another option would be to drop one lift day in exchange for a sprint day.

      Of course, all of this depends on your intensity and your recovery ability. I just know that I couldn't do that now, though a year ago would probably have been okay (when I just started lifting).


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        Hi Timbobaggins,

        What's your gender?

        This will give me a better idea for recommendations.

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