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Moms - separated abdominal muscles?

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  • Moms - separated abdominal muscles?

    I have had a fair amount of lower back pain since mid-pregnancy with my first child (January 2008). I was lying in bed this morning and decided to see if I have strengthened my abs lately. Under the fat that remains, I can feel strong muscles. But behind my belly button there is a huge hole. From quick research online, it looks to be pregnancy related. This does help to explain some of the pain/discomfort I've been having over the years that I was chalking up to being out of shape (despite squatting 170 and deadlifting 180).

    What I'm wondering, though, is what can I do? My last child was born May 2010, so it's been nearly 3 years since I was pregnant.

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    My abdominal muscles were separated after having two kids, but they aren't anymore. I spent a lot of time doing an hour long Pilates DVD - I did it about 4 times a week. That will strengthen your back and help knit the muscles back together. I don't know if that would work everyone but it did for me. I also played a lot of racquetball but I think it mainly the Pilates.


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      Before you take up any of those shaman methods like poke here, jump around there, sing an anti-pain song, better go and see a doctor, it may as well be something that needs some stiching before you start exercises. I mean exercises are ok to strenghten the muscles, but after you are sure they can't make you worse.


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        This book has been recommended to me by several of the moms I know:
        Lose Your Mummy Tummy: Julie Tupler, Jodie Gould: 9780738209814: Books
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