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SimpleFit: Excellent Primal Workout

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    Congratulations Great results..
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      I tried level 1/day 1 and loved it! I've never been into lifting free weights and have always gravitated towards body weight exercises. I plan to add in my weight vest on day 2, to build some more strength. Overall, I love the simplicity and the challenge these workouts offer. Thanks for this post cheapo.


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        Thanks for posting this. I really need to start working out more and this is something I could see myself getting into pretty easily. I grab the pullup bar intermittently during the week, but having a program to follow will help a lot.

        Congrats on the progress so far, too. Looking good man, keep it up!


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          Damn dude. I'm convinced that'll work. LOL.

          (plus, no roommate will freak at you for having a sledgehammer...)

          *grabs*shoddy*pull*up*bar*and*tears*it*out*of*it's *mountings*with*268lbs*bodyweight* (I live in a place with cheap doors.)


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            Cheapo - how many day a week? I may have missed it in your thread. Sorry if redundant. I looked at the link you posted; the way it is worded there suggests that you do EACH group of exercises 3 times a week meaning that there are some days you complete two "days" in one day?

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              I do M-W-F or M-W-Sat. and that seems to be plenty.


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                cheapo...great job! I'm starting this tomorrow.. been crossfit scaled training. But this looks like something
                I want to add to my training... along with lifting heavy and sprints and cardio training.. thanks for sharing.
                Lean Primal Fit


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                  Hey Cheapo (love the name...suits my family as well)! I will begin this next Monday. It looks like something I could get into. NOW...all I need to do is locate a pull up bar that can accommodate my current weight (306 pounds) AND my height 6'4". Making one myself is looking like it might happen....*sigh* (digs around shed for inadequate tools)....

                  As to the abs...Do the pull ups and push ups also work abs? I haven't heard that before, but I hope that is the case because I hate sit-ups.


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                    Originally posted by Splungeman View Post
                    As to the abs...Do the pull ups and push ups also work abs? I haven't heard that before, but I hope that is the case because I hate sit-ups.
                    When your form is good, they do. You keep your torso rigid and it works like a plank.
                    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                      I do a similar home workout in a pinch with my weight vest.

                      Squats (sometimes single leg)
                      Pushups (with bars and cinderblocks for leverage)
                      Pike presses

                      nonstop circuits for like 15 min... quick and effective. Workouts don't have to be complicated...

                      Nice thread.


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                        Just finished my first week of simpleFit. Day 1, I did for pure high intensity. Day 2 I added in a weight vest to build more strength. Day 3, I went hard, so I could advance. Immediately following day 3, I did my tabata sprints. Overall I'd say, if you like simple, challenging workouts, give simplefit a try.


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                          Started today, week 1 day 1, managed a measly 32 rounds. Lots of work to do.


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                            32 rounds is a respectable—definitely not measly—result.
                            Usually, if I can manage 30+ rounds of Day 1, it means I will be able to beat Day 3 that week. So I would expect you'll be at Level 2 next week!

                            At one point, after falling off the workout wagon for a few months, I decided to re-start SimpleFit at the bottom of the ladder.
                            My L1D1 result was 58 rounds! But I have never managed a result like that during the normal progression through the program.
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                              One of the fun things about SF is tallying up the reps of each exercise.

                              Your 32 rounds of Day 1 equals:
                              32 Pull-Ups
                              64 Push-Ups
                              96 Squats

                              I don't know what kind of condition you're in, but if someone had asked me to do perform that workout when I started out, I would have likely been too intimidated to try!

                              The 24 rounds I managed on my last Level 7 Day 1 is equivalent to:
                              96 Pull-Ups
                              192 Push-Ups
                              288 Squats

                              Which is not a workout I would want to do either!

                              Also, I find music helps.


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                                I've gotta do this! I've been eating primally for two weeks along with sprints, but have been lacking in lifting.
                                I can do this anywhere, I love it.

                                Thanks Cheapo, you've planted an image in my mind to strive for.