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Squats hurting knee

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  • Squats hurting knee

    I've been doing well on squats up till now. At 30 weeks pregnant I know I need to keep doing them to prepare for birth. But at some point in the past few days I've done something to my left knee. I don't remember doing anything to it, but now it hurts when I bend it while weight-bearing. It's perfectly happy when I'm down at the bottom of a deep squat, but it hurts getting into it and coming out.

    So I guess I should avoid squats for a few days to let it recover. Which is hard because I'd got quite used to doing utility squats (e.g. to pick something up off the floor). Is there anything else I can do to help it along? And what other exercise can I do to replace the squats in the meantime?

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    Foam rolling the quads and generally the rest of the leg does wonders for knee pain.
    I cant really talk about your situation as your pregnant but your knee pain could simply be a case of your not driving through the heels, or your knee buckling inwards due to the extra weight placed on the front of your body.

    If you can manage it, concentrate on form in front of a mirror, or watch yourself when you squat, to make sure your knees follow the direction your toes are pointing and you drive up through the heels.

    Also, make sure you activate your glutes and legs on the way down as well as the way up.

    Good luck


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      When my knees bug me it is usually tightness somewhere else causing my patella to track wrong. Check out for some hip/quad/ankle openers in case the problem is originating somewhere else. In my experience IT band and medial quad tightness are usually the culprits.


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        Well, I'm angling my knees outward because the bump is getting in the way, so that might have something to do with it! I'll look at the mirror and the links as well though. Thanks!


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          Do you normally turn your feet slightly out while squatting? If your normally squat "toes-front" and you're now turning your knees out but not your feet, you're creating a nice shearing force. Regardless, your knees should be tracking out directly over your toes, baby-bump or not. It may also be simply because of Relaxin. With the laxity in your joints you may be losing both hip and knee stability and "collapsing" while coming out of the hole. Without seeing a video, it'd be hard to say for sure.

          How much volume are you doing? And maybe I missed it, but are these weighted squats? If so, what % of your squat are you using?
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            I'm with charlie on this one -- particularly with sheering if you have a different foot position AND you are pushing your knees out wider.

            To accommodate your bump, you may need make your stance wider, keep toes/feet aligned, and draw knees out over feet, tracking in line with toes, but take the weight back, trying to keep the knees mid-foot or back over heels.

            I have my preggo ladies do at least four well aligned squats in classes because it's healthy. We make sure there's no knee pressure though.


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              Also, using "hip drive" may help reduce it. Check some videos in youtube.
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                You definitely want to find the cause and correct it, but in the meantime I'd just hold onto something like a band or rope to help take some of the weight off. At least that way you can still perform the exercise for now without injuring your knee.