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New to primal fitness, have questions.

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  • New to primal fitness, have questions.

    I just read the primal fitness ebook, and I like marks plan, but I'm trying to figure out how what I'm doing now fits into it. Currently I am doing a pregnancy essentrics video, similar to Pilates, its flexibility, stretching, strength. Would this count as the move slowly workouts?

    And I began this challenge at the beginning of the month: June exercise challenge | Janice Fuentes. (Basically squats, push-ups, planks). Now I'm thinking I shouldn't be doing this 6 days a week, but c dI kind of hate to quit and not finish out the month. Idk, doing the LHT 2x a week makes sense and would be more doable.

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    I watched Mark's videos on how to do the pushup, pull up, plank, squat. And I am so exicted to have my first LHT day tomorrow!

    I have continued doing my essentrics workout (similar to pilates/yoga) for my move slowly days. Does this sound ok? It is strength training (plies, yikes! my legs burn), but it's slow paced and I enjoy it. The only change I have made is to stop trying to do the whole 70+ minutes in one day. I have been doing just 1 section (there are 3, ranging from 21-27 minutes long) per day instead. Much more enjoyable and relaxing for now. As my fitness improves, I might do more.

    For sprinting days... I'm not sure what to do here. I can't actually sprint. What would I do with my 3 kids while I ran far away? And my backyard isn't big enough. Plus I'm 4 months pregnant. Any suggestions? Would jumping jacks work? Though I don't know how much longer I can do those. Maybe knees to elbows? idk...