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Tracking exercise on MFP/FitDay

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  • Tracking exercise on MFP/FitDay

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to posting on the forums, although a long-time lurker and Primal Blueprinter. Let me just say that reading this forum obsessively has helped me SO much in really getting the bang for my buck in my workouts; I feel like what I'm doing is so much more effective now than what I'd always done before, and it shows (my arms are starting to look pretty awesome!).

    My question is about tracking exercise on sites like My Fitness Pal or FitDay. I usually don't do the obsessive food/exercise tracking, but recently I've gotten a little lazy with my diet (allowing myself a slice of the free office pizza in meetings, having dessert at a restaurant if everyone else is anyway, making Primal "treat" foods like almond flour brownies and banana pancakes a rule rather than the exception) and I decided to start tracking again to get myself back in line.

    When I track my 5x5 lifting sets on MFP, I usually put in the type of lift, the number of reps/sets, and the weight used. But it occurred to me today that if I do shoulder presses with 20lb dumbbells, I'm actually pressing 40lbs, because it's 20lb per arm. Is that right? Or am I correct in just putting in 20lbs as my weight for that move?

    Also, how do you guys input your HIIT? Especially tabatas, I never have any idea how to put those in or how many calories to estimate. Today, for instance, I did 30sec:15sec jump rope intervals for ten minutes. How would I put that in to MFP? Just putting in 10 minutes of jump rope seems wrong.

    Last question: I do four to five 90-minute hot yoga classes (Moksha) per week. But these sites don't have any option for hot yoga; it's all just "yoga", which isn't an accurate representation of what I'm really doing. I don't really care so much about being perfectly accurate (the yoga is more for my flexibility and peace of mind than for exercise), but I want to at least be in the ballpark. Anyone else do hot yoga and have tips on how to put it in to MFP?

    Thanks guys!

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    What are you trying to achieve by tracking your exercise levels? Fat loss is not strictly about calories in vs calories out.


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      I know, and like I said, I'm not looking for ultimate precision here, I just like having a log of my exercise on the same page where I have a log of my food, for reference. And if I'm going to be logging it anyway, I'd like to have some fairly accurate picture of what I'm really doing.


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        Suggest you use Google Calendar and make it fit to exactly what you want. That's what I do. Example: One color code for weight or bodyweight workout. Another for DB exercises, Strength workouts, kettlebells, sprints, tabata, yoga, stretching, martial arts, nutrition, weight, injuries, medical appointments, measurements, results, meals, Etc. That way you can turn on or turn off items you want to see or highlight. Sounds like you are trying to cram details into a log or calendar that doesn't take into account what you do. In that case, you need to make your own way or, really, take it up with MFP and Fitday to get what you want.