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fitness for +4000 calories per week jobs?

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  • fitness for +4000 calories per week jobs?


    I read Mark article about the fact that we should not burn as a general advice, more than 4000 calories per week doing exercise (from low level to high intensity) Why You Shouldn't Burn More Than 4,000 Calories a Week | Mark's Daily Apple

    The thing is that I find that article and most articles written for a public that does not have to do physical work in their jobs. As if everybody had an office or a sedentary job. But, what if you have a job that involves hard physical work as farmer, agricultural worker, forestry, mining, construction builder, painter, etc? where you easily burn 8000 calories per week through that work...or what if you have a moderate physical job like waiter, chef, bartender, server, etc..? where you can burn lets say: 4000 or 5000 calories per week.

    What should you do in those cases? eat more carbs? do not do more extra exercise?

    I guess that working in those fields is inherently not primal. So the only way to go primal would be to have a sedentary kind of life (office job, academy, writer, etc...) and do what Mark says in his fitness piramid.

    I wrote to him asking about this but I do not know if he will answer it since he has many emails. So folks, I would like to know your opinion about it or if any of you knows an article where Mark has written on the subject because I find no one.

    Thanks in advance and have a great day.


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    As in any endeavor, diet is 80% of it. I spent 27 years in construction related sales. At the site I witnessed fat, out of shape laborers in every trade. It wasn't their work or daily activity that made them fat. The exercise is to enhance the normal daily activity. If you get ample time on your feet with plenty of slow movement, you don't need to plan more of that for your exercise. It's hard to go wrong regardless of what your profession is with a couple of days per week of core strength training with a barbell and one day per week of interval or sprint training. As you get stronger, the physical work you perform each day gets easier. Back squats with a barbell makes getting up out of a chair easier. Deadlifts and power cleans help going up the ladder with a stack of shingles easier. It makes life in general easier.