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Can you get strong without deadlift?

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    Originally posted by quikky View Post
    The deadlift makes your back really strong. I fail to see how the pistol squat does the same.
    I am just going by what Steve Maxwell said. But I would agree that the pistol does not do the same thing a deadlift does, however, it does work the back if done properly. Also, depends on you definition of really strong. My regimen of pistol squats and other PEMs allows me to be more than strong enough to avoid injury, avoid fatigue, and lift luggage, coolers full of ice, loaded kayaks etc. and various other uneven loads in all kinds of situations.

    The weighted squat and deadlift are simply exercises that I avoid, because of the requirement for excellent technique and the risk of injury if that technique is not almost perfect. I am no powerlifter at all, but neither was grok


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      Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
      Not to mention, if you can't do a pistol squat, what use is it?
      This is like a zen koan. I'm clapping for it. With one hand.
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        I don't find weighted squats to be very injury prone. If you can't lift it, you just set the bar on the safety bars and embarrass yourself a little (or a lot depending on how loudly the bar falls on the safeties.)
        Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.