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    I'm new to Primal Fitness but not to Primal/Paleo type eating. Here's the scoop:
    I'm 36, female, mother of 2 boys (3.5 and 9). I'm 5'3" and weigh 120. I'm not looking to lose weight other than the few inches of fat around my middle ('muffin top'). Here's what I eat daily:
    Breakfast: combination of any of these: eggs, meat (bacon, sausage, ham), pancake or waffle (made with almond or coconut flour), Applegate hot dogs, cheese
    Lunch: leftovers, salad, soup, once a week I go out to eat (my weakness is Mexican - I sometimes eat a bit of refried beans and a few tortilla chips); cup of yogurt or kefir; small piece of fruit
    Dinner: homemade - meat and veggies, soup, etc.
    I also drink one green tea in the morning (sweetened with 1 tsp raw honey) and one coffee a day (split into 2, watered down, with cream and 1 tsp raw honey in each of the 2 portions). I might have a square of dark chocolate a day, sometimes a cookie or a baked good (baked at home with almond or coconut flour and sweetened with honey or dates or stevia). I've been eating like this for over 1 year.
    On to exercise. In short, I don't. Never really have. I'm gone from my house every day from 8am to almost 6pm. Then between 6 and 9 I take care of the boys and DH: cooking, showers, homework, prepping lunches and snacks, etc.
    Right now I'm doing this:
    The Firm tape for buns/hips/thighs: about 30 minutes of exercises that focus on buns/hips/thighs plus some abdominal exercises. I've been adding light weights to this tape for a couple of months now. I do it 4-5 times a week.
    Combo of planks/pushups/squats: right now I do two sets of these: hand/knee planks (45s; 15 s each side); wall pushups (30-40); wall squats (15-20). I am trying this twice a week.
    Right now I have a little more flexibility as my kids are spending the summer with their grandparents. They will be back home in 2 weeks and then I'm back to my grind. I can do the tape on the weekends plus my regular runs to the grocery store, cooking, cleaning, etc. I'm not sure what I can do during the week. I'm going to try the combo described above maybe twice a week. What else can I do? My main goal is to flatten my tummy and just get stronger. I'm already feeling some muscle in my butt, front and inside of my thighs (quadriceps and inner thigh?) and arms. My core is extremely weak.
    I'm still not quite up to par on all the terminology though I have the Primal Fitness free e-book printed and ready to be studied. Thanks for any help you can give me!

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    This is a great place to start as it is home based with minimal equipment and lots of information - YouTube