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Kettle bell v Medicine ball

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  • Kettle bell v Medicine ball

    Which one do you prefer?

    I see you can buy medicine balls with handles which pretty much make it similar to a kettle bell.

    Which weight should I get for both as a first purchase? Considering they are quite expensive I want to get as maximum weight as possible because I will progress and don't want to have to buy a new one.

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    If you're male go for a 24kg kettlebell, if you are female a 16kg will get you far.


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      Originally posted by FlyingPig View Post
      If you're male go for a 24kg kettlebell, if you are female a 16kg will get you far.
      I don't agree. Most kettlebell resources say men should start with a 16kg (1 pood) bell. You need to get technique and form down first and 24kg is too heavy to learn propor form.

      I say buy the k'bell and make a medicine ball. You buy a cheap basketball and fill it with 25 lbs of sand. Lots of duct tape and you're good to go and you have both!


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        Agreed with the above. If you are a vet to kettlebelling, go for the 24 kg but for a new guy, a 16 kg (1 pood) might be best. I know personally, I jacked myself up the first time with kettlebells because the personal trainer I was with had me go too heavy to fast. I think you can do a lot of things with a medicine ball but HOLY CRAP can you do a lot with a kettlebell. I'd go for the kettlebell first.
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          16kg is a great starting weight for men I would recommend greasing the groove with that weight. Once you get the basic movements down then move up to a 24kg. Kettlebells are an amazing tool I use them and instruct with them everyday.


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            I only mentioned the 24kg because the OP seemed to say he only wants to buy one. I agree a 16kg is the best to start with but if you can only pick one and are already reasonably strong, a 24kg may be an option too.
            It's funny, once you get into it you just buy them no matter what. I started with a 24kg, then bought a 16, then a 32 and then another 16 for double work. Now very tempted to buy a 40kg to swing and do Turkish get-ups with...