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    Afternoon everyone

    Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative to Vibrams, by chance? I already own a pair of Vibrams (which I love), but as they are my only pair at the moment, I feel like I'm going to wear them out with use. I live in these darn things now (knee problems, gone!) I do plan on buying another pair eventually, but a few well needed primal kitchen supplies have taken precedence spending-wise, putting that purchase on hold for now. I've seen a few people mention "water socks", but I'm not sure if they mean water "shoes" or the actual water "sock" socks. Basically anything that I could buy a few pairs of and not be in the same vibrantly blue Vibrams all the time. (I have sandals, but I really do hate them, I clunk around in them worse than normal shoes).

    I perused a few other threads, but couldn't quite find what I was looking for, so thought I'd try here. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
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    Periodically, Left Lane Sports and the Clymb will have Vivobarefoot shoes for a good price. Other than that, water shoes or xero shoes (huaraches) are all I can think of.

    Left Lane Sports has some VFF Bikilas for $33. Skoras for $54 and Vivobarefoot Evo II for $54 and $59
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      I'm thinking of getting some xero shoes, most people seem to like them.

      Xero Shoes



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        I have a pair of OP “Menhaten” water socks / aqua shoes / whatever you call them, and they're great. Not as awesome as my VFF's but I like how they don't draw attention. 10 bucks at Walmart. The catch is - they only come in black and there are only 4 sizes. I lucked out and one of the sizes fit my feet perfectly. If they don't then you're outta luck. After I got mine I noticed that J. Stanton raved about them here.
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          I bought a pair of Fila Skele toes over the weekend. Paid about $25 on sale at a Kohl's if you have one in your area try that. They are normally about $60 but they were on sale and the lady at the register gave me 20% off in addition.

          I love them so far and have been wearing them as often as I can. As soon as I can find minimalist shoes I can wear to work that are inexpensive I plan to get a pair of those.
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            I found some adidas toe shoes at ross for 19.00. They have been really comfortable and I wear them all the time. Plan to buy some VFF's next, but wanted to find a cheaper kind to try.

            Good luck.
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              Try the Kung-Fu shoes(very minimal, and very cheap). Can find them in any China-Town.
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