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What types of cardio exercises are out there

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  • What types of cardio exercises are out there

    So I noticed for the past few weeks my cardio sessions been getting a little bland so I decided to come here and ask you good 'ol folks what type of cardio do you do? I want to get some ideas of different things I could try. Even maybe we can all benefit to get different ideas. Anyways, so what type of cardio do you do?
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    Just the Sprinting sessions Mark advocates when I feel up to doing it, in-between the weight lifting.

    What cardio are you doing?

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      I play tennis, it's good because you do short sprints and move for an hour at least.
      My boyfriend likes to play Squash, that's good for your cardio!!
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        Fast walking.
        bend your arns 90deg and walk faster by increasing stride rate not length
        Keep going faster until you pass joggers!
        Virtually no chronic cardio impact injury problem.

        at least 10 times less popular than it should be because people under estimate the potential of 'walking'
        or refuse to 'look like a geek'

        Casey Meyers has at least 2 excellent books.


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          Are you actually looking for 'move slowly', 'sprint' or either?


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            Go hiking.
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              I adore dancing. If you have a boyfriend/husband - go for a dancing class in some quick type of dancing: cha-cha, quickstep, swing.
              If you can go alone - find a group dance class somethere in you area. This is so much fun. You jump, you dance, you laugh. You get your cardio and thn some!

              Great mood guaranteed!
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                i think so,it's good because you do short sprints and move for an hour at least.


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                  Swimming, aikido, hapkido, box against the bag, throw in a Zumba class in the winter, run outdoors, run on elliptical, row, walk against the current in the lazy river in the pool, light KBs, jump rope.
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                    If you mean the move-slowly type activity, I recommend tai chi or qi gong if there's a good teacher in your area. I just started up a new qi gong class, and it's great--just over an hour of continuous meditative movement with emphasis on mobility, breathing, and having a happy, clear mind. I'm not currently prone to take a half hour to sit and meditate, but a half hour to hour of moving meditation is great--get centered while moving the body...


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                      I started taking a lot of different classes at my gym to keep from getting bored. Kickboxing, spin, bootcamp, krank & row, yoga. I also swim a few days a week and play on a softball and volleyball league each 1x week.