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  • Running With My Dog

    It's around 8:30 PM where I live and I just took my dog out on a run at the local park, and I decided to go completely barefoot this time (first time I've ever ran barefoot). I gotta say, it was quite an experience. It was pitch black out and I let my dog off the leash (don't tell the authorities ), and ran around with her up and down the park all the while pretending that we were an ancient hunter duo from the stone age hunting down an animal. Even if it was kind of geeky, I had a blast with my 'hunting partner' and I greatly enjoyed running barefoot (even though I do have some soreness in my calves presently).

    And yeah... Just thought I'd share.

    Grok on!

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    I love pretending! Visualization can be a powerful thing

    Grok would be proud!


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      Sorry for bumping an old thread... I love this! Makes me want to take my doggies to the park and do the same Nothing is more liberating than being barefoot and running around like we used to do as kids.
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        You should try to catch squrells.


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          I love this too! What a cool thing to do.