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Spine flexibility and abs

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  • Spine flexibility and abs

    Marks post about thoracic flexibility tied in with my ab workout from yesterday.

    I take the movement from the way we do rear rolls in the martial art I study. Two versions.

    First - lay down on your back on the floor with a situp bar or other solid something to hold yourself steady. Grab the bar with your hands over your head. Lift your feet off the ground and bring them up over your head, straight up the middle and to both sides, feet should move well past your shoulders. (try to touch the wall, ground or something above your head) You can keep the legs straight or bend at the knees. Just make sure to straighten them as you move them back towards the ground. Keep your lower back on the ground as you lower and raise your legs. Obviously, the back won't stay on the ground as you roll up over your shoulders.

    Second- Same thing but keep your hands on the ground angled out from your torso a bit. This time, bring your legs up and over your shoulders to touch your toes on the ground over each shouler. First touch toes to left, back down, up to the right, etc. Make sure to angle your head towards the opposite shoulder to your feet.

    I use these mainly to practice my back rolls in a slow, controlled manner. Especially great for practicing them in small confined areas. My goal is to keep the roll within the space of a yoga mat.