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Cold weather and motivation

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  • Cold weather and motivation

    I recently moved back home to New Jersey after living down south / out west for 9 years and am having a hard time adjusting to these cooler temps. Half the time if its below 70 I want to do nothing but stay wrapped up in bed all day. I shutter to think what life will be like when it drops below 30 this winter. Question though, how do I stay motivated when this cooler weather makes me want to just hibernate all day?

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    Ya just gotta cowboy up and get out into it.


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      Make sure you always bring a thermos bottle with you, containing soup, tea, whatever you like. Delish.


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        There's this saying, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. (although I'm not sure how to dress for hurricane...concrete boots?)
        Use layers, comfy warm sweater, windproof jacket, thermal underwear if that's what it takes. Once you get moving you will probably warm up.
        If possible, use the terrain to your advantage: a south-facing slope can be surprisingly mild on a cold-but-sunny day, winds can be unforgiving in exposed areas.


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          Read up on cold thermogenisis and brown adipose tissue and enjoy and take full advantage of the benefits of cooler temperatures.

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            Youll adjust. Ten years ago i moved from austin, tx to rochester, ny. Went from having 100+ temps to averaging 100+ inches of snow. I got a snowboard, embraced the cold, and now its no big deal. I wear two flannels in 15 degree weather and feel fine.

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              I totally understand... as soon as the temps drop I feel like preparing for hibernation as well. I could stay wrapped up in a blanket all day...And I truly believe that some days you just have to give in but for those other days...take a warm shower in the morning and make sure your closet is full of comfortable warm clothes...
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                Cold? you live in the tropics boyo. Come to Montreal if you want cold. -30C in the winter add in a another 15 deg in windchill. Get a pair or 3 of longjohns and wool socks and get out there.

                I deal with the cold by wearing layers and sleeping in a full body set of longjohns when needed.
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                  Sorry, but WarmBear is correct.....VA is pretty toasty.

                  That said, I have lived everywhere from Miami to 15 miles south of the Canadian border, so the adjustment is much needed.

                  Here are some of my tips:
                  -- The clothing advice is dead on. You can handle doing just about anything with the right clothes.
                  -- In what way is 50's or 60's not better for much of any hiking or running? 70 degrees with the sun on you will wear you down fast compared to 50 degrees.
                  -- I do a lot of polar bear swimming. I did a few laps at my outdoor pool that is still open at my gym, apparently 53 degree water. I cannot do it for more than about ten min, but it will radically alter your cold tolerance.
                  -- Working on the tolerance is critical. Get used to moving around a lot when you are out, and spend several hours on a hike in it if you can.....I snowmobile to work in the dead of winter, and I need my office at about 50 to be comfortable. By spring, I am out shirtless in 40 degrees. WarmBear I am sure can relate. Cold is all relative.
                  -- On a primal note, humans are designed to handle cold well. Some of us have lost the melanin in our skin to better absorb vitamin D, and we've been wearing clothes of some sort for thousands of years. Warm weather = diseases that don't exist in the cold.
                  -- Keep the house cooler. I am usually sweating in the typical 73 degrees. My comfort zone is low 60's. It is all about acclimation.

                  Good luck. Just like anything else, if you want to adjust, you adjust
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                    Ha... I know what you mean. I have lived in Michigan my whole life and I still can't stand the cold! This fall/winter I have been forcing myself outside more. I have a pact with a co-worker that we will continue to walk outside on our breaks no matter what the weather is!!! If it gets dangerously cold we agreed on those days we would race around the inside of the building (and try no to get yelled at like little kid, lol). I just plan on wearing layers and toughing it out. I think if I force myself to actually get out in it, I may enjoy winter. And I know a little girl that is going to be thrilled that I will want to take her sledding this year... a great workout and super fun!!


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                      As an Alaskan who has to deal with not only cold weather but really short daylight hours in winter, you just have to get out and do it. Get the right clothing, and do an activity you enjoy, and you'll soon forget about the cold.
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