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Foot injury possibly from wearing Vibram Five Fingers

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    Sounds like everyone is suffering from plantar fasciitis.

    roll a frozen water bottle up and down the length of your arch with increasing weight on it while rolling. Also, place a towel on floor, sit in a chair, put bare (sore) foot at one end of towel and "roll/curl" the towel by grabbing and curling it under your toes.

    Some basic stuff. PF hurts...

    My VFF foot pain is more the tendons on the instep, particularly the 3-5 toes. I sprinted on pavement...not smart.


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      All I would say is you don't need the Vibrams to run...I would concentrate on slow, gentle BF runs and focus on your technique to see if that might help. Maybe the shoes aren't doing you any favours. Good running technique video here in case you haven't seen it:


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        I now have 3 pairs of Vibrams - KSOs, Sprints, and the newish Bikilas.

        The KSOs I use in the forest, the Sprints I wear running around, and the bikilas I use on blacktop and concrete trail paths. They have a slightly thicker sole, and a much better fit in the heel area for this type of running (imo).

        I've talked to a few barefoot runners around here and one of them broke their middle and 4th toes. He's also in the medical profession and said he was stupid for not working up his muscles in his Vibrams. According to him, there are muscles in your calf and in your foot that are now being 'used' when they weren't in shoes before. So they are underdeveloped and weak and that it takes a good deal of time to work up to it. Think like rehabing a muscle in a cast that wasn't being used much. It's atrophied, so it's going to take a while to build it up, even though the rest of your body is good to go. He also said that at the first sign of any pain, that you need to stop, walk the rest, ice and stretch. Massage also helps. I've followed this advice and my pains have been minimal thankfully. Another thing to think about is what surface you are running on. I only do sprints on a football or baseball field, my 'runs' on trails are jogs mainly, unless I use the trail in the forest. You might want to consider seeing a massage therapist as well - the work they can do on your calves, ITbands, and arches can really help - at least they have me. I'm at the point now where a foam roller and occasional massage either by myself or a therapist helps a ton.
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          Great post; I was curious about this as well...I did the Crossfit Endurance WOD a couple weeks back (run 5K) in my KSOs after only having run 1-mile increments in them...Felt good on the run until the trip back and when taking off my KSOs I had a HUGE blister on a couple of toes...My muscles weren't all that sore, but the running on pavement for the majority of the run didn't do me any favors for sure
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