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ladies...your fitness routine?

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    I work with a strength and conditioning coach in a small group environment 3 times a week for one hour each. I also workout on my one at least once more a week, sometimes twice - sometimes with strength, sometimes on my bicycle. At home I've a Jungle Gym XT (a version of the TRX), a kettlebell and some mobility gear - pretty much all I need.

    This morning our workout featured single legged rows with a kettlebell, TRX rows with a press (kettlebell or dumbbell). We finished up with 4 minutes of 20 seconds on/20 seconds off of squat jumps. If we wanted to make that harder than we held the squat during the rest - I did for a couple, but couldn't for all of them.

    I work very hard but rarely get more than a little sore. My coach tells me that this is related to hydration as much as anything. Make certain you are drinking enough water - throughout the day - and getting some decent protein in during that first hour after the workout. I typically wait at least 30 minutes to allow my system a chance to calm after an intense workout.
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      My fitness routine:

      Daily: throughout the day: yoga, arm balances, inversions (headstands and handstands), lots of chataranga and planks, side planks.

      Once or twice weekly: 60 min hot yoga class

      Once or twice weekly: lifting weights at the gym- squats, dead lift, overhead press, assisted chin-ups, bench press, heavy rope

      Every now and then: sprint session as I feel like it

      As often as possible: dance class (ballet or jazz)

      I also spend a lot of my free time stretching my spine and forward bending as well as working the kinks out with a foam roller or tennis ball. Dance and yoga require extreme range of motion and maintaining and expanding that supersedes gaining strength.


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        About 4x a week heavy lifting (squats, deads, push/schoulder press, clean & jerk) and 3x a week weightlifting technique. Also about 2 WOD's a week and other CrossFit techniques like handstand pushup and kipping occasionally. I always pick 2 components: technique + strength, technique + WOD, strength + WOD, everything is possible. I always make sure I have at least 1 rest day.
        NB. I'm training to be a competitive weightlifter/CrossFit athlete someday. I do not recommend training this much for gaining logevity or something like PB describes, because I am constantly on the verge on overtraining which is not a good thing. Also my muscles and ligaments do not approve with this intensity. Scheduling rest days is really important.


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          Forgot to mention I always start with mobility training as a warming up -extremely important!


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            * I try to catch a CX Works class every week.
            * One 30-minute walk/jog with sprints per week.
            * 20 minutes walking per day.
            * Lifting heavy weights or doing bodyweight exercises for about 15 minutes per week.

            I'm lazy...


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              I'm with Goosejuggler--strongman training is where it's at. 3x a week I'm slamming around tires, sledgehammers, logs, kegs, stones, sandbags, prowlers, etc, with a barbell strength component in the middle and stuff like kettlebells and strict pull-ups for warmup. I've never seen so much strength and conditioning progress as from strongman training.

              This morning our strength portion was 5 sets of a 7rep bear complex, getting heavier each round (final round at 95). 95 may not sound like a lot for a single rep but do seven reps without letting go of the bar (after doing 4 other sets) and you'll cry, I promise.

              2x a week I do oly weightlifting, once a week I drop into Crossfit to keep up on my WODs (since I like to compete). In the past couple of months I've really been moving away from Crossfit towards a more targeted skill and heavy lifting training style. I still love Crossfit, I've just outgrown it, I think. Certainly no need to metcon my brains out three times a week.

              I do yoga every day but I'm a teacher so a lot of times my home practice is playing around with poses and sequencing.

              At home I have a pull-up bar, rings, speed rope, and a men's bar with some 10-lb bumpers. I do skill practice every evening, just little mini-WODs of stuff like toes to bar, muscleup progressions, kips, double unders, taking apart the oly lifts, etc. I find that just a little bit of skill practice every day has had huge results. And I want a muscleup by December! Right now I'm having to re-teach myself ring swings, pulls and transitions because I wasn't using false grip before. False grip is a whole different ballgame.


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                Wow, strongman sounds like fun!

                I do weight lifting 2x/week, Pilates 2-4 x/week and racquetball 2x/ week. I just started playing tournaments again and am trying to figure out a workout schedule that won't overload me. Tourneys are typically every other weekend and you usually play several matches in a day. Last time I didn't eat enough and got a wicked calf cramp.


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                  I pride myself on having built up pretty good stamina, but I'm pretty sure I would poop out immediately if I ever played racquetball. Speed, strength, and accuracy all needed at once? No way.


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                    God, I love racquetball for all of those things. Played a bunch of other sports but they all paled in comparison to that. So many things going on at once. Funny thing is that I loathe running, unless I'm being chased or chasing something. I can play racquetball for hours.