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Want a good primal workout?



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  • Want a good primal workout?

    Work this summer on a farm lol

    I worked the last three years as an burnt out and fed up with my company, so last Tuesday, quit. On Monday, earlier this week, began working for my dad and my uncle on their farms, doing everything. Pulling irrigation hose, hammering posts into the ground, planting seeds, back-filling holes, painting, thinning apricot trees, moving or carrying heavy items (big, sturdy tables for the fruit stand, paint buckets, tools, etc). Almost all work is done by hand and almost everything is done by myself and one other kid.

    Sunday, I weighed myself, 278 pounds. Today, I weighed myself, 266 pounds. I haven't exercised at all this week and my diets been food for my quick lunch and corn dogs or something equally bad at night. I can only imagine whats going to happen when I start kicking my ass on the diet and find someway to work some structured workouts in.

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    Congrats, Moose, that sounds like the ultimate workout. I doubt you'll need much, if any, exercise on the side with a routine like that.

    Don't worry about kicking your ass with diet; it's more like treating your ass. When you have to work that hard, eating good food makes you feel a lot better than corn dogs and fast food (shudder). Especially if you can get fresh meat and eggs right from the farm.

    I'm curious why you quit your EMT gig after three years, since I've sometimes daydreamed about doing that myself. Was it the company or the nature of the work that burned you out?


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      You're probably right about the exercise, though I need to get my sprinting/hit in and hit a few muscles not being hit hard (nothing simulating pullups for example). And diet, just a matter of not being lazy and sticking to it.

      Mainly the company. Bad company and I ws just sick of it and feeling an itch to go back to manual labor.