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Primal muscle gain??

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  • Primal muscle gain??

    I am looking to put on some muscle and I'm wondering if it is possible with such a low carb intake. To gain will I need to increase carbs or can I do it with a very low carb intake?

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    Speaking from experience, I think you can gain while being completely primal, you just need a ton of calories (which can be extremely expensive if you eat only organic)
    What i have done to gain is up everything, eat more eggs, eat MORE bacon, drink full fat milk instead of water, eat calorie heavy fatty meats and eat tons of bananas. You will gain SOME fat by eating like this but unless you want to gain painfully slowly I suggest this route.

    - The Hard gainer


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      ps: you will have to give up a vegetable heavy diet in favor of more calories to gain fast
      that is to say however, don't completely stop eating greens!


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        How are you going to put on muscle?

        You have to create the conditions that causes the body to grow muscle and the enviroment to support it.

        Physically you have to stress your body to that point your body says" Crap I'm not strong enough I need to grow more."

        After you do that you need to give the body time to repair and grow and provide protein to support the growth.


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          Like we don't have enough of these threads drifting about...


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            Originally posted by primalclubber View Post
            Like we don't have enough of these threads drifting about...
            No need for the negativity I am just looking for some guidance so if you don't have any information to help me I would appreciate it if you not post on my thread.


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              As long as you provide a sufficient stimulus for muscle growth through weight training, sprinting, etc... You most certainly can gain muscle with vlc. I personally like to eat more carbs right after my workout (sweet pot, fruit, legumes), Yeah I know not very primal but I have found it's what works best for me. I tried to forego the starchy carbs pwo and I would feel horrible. I even gave it a good amount of time (4 months) to try and adjust but it was continuously bad for me.

              The rest of the time I stick to good meats, fats and non starchy veggies. It has allowed me to stay lean year round. Hope this helps with your quandry.


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                Originally posted by js65 View Post
                No need for the negativity I am just looking for some guidance so if you don't have any information to help me I would appreciate it if you not post on my thread.
                Just for future reference, a simple search on the forum will answer 99.9% of all questions you could possibly have and reduce the redundancy of experienced members having to answer the same questions over and over again. If you can't find it after an honest attempt at searching, then by all means, ask away.


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                  I would like to pose a question, why do you feel its necessary to eat carbs to gain muscle?


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                    Took me 10 seconds to find it...


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                      I don't, that is my question. Is it necessary to eat carbs to gain muscle?


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                        Last I checked muscle is made out of protein - not bread and carrots. The fat and protein I eat provide all that is required to build muscle. During the week I eat ~60 g of carbs a day and I don't think I am doing too badly on the muscle front:

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                          You shouldn't have a problem putting on some muscle while going primal. I can speak from experience that my weights have only gone up and up....haven't hard plateaued on any exercises as of yet.

                          Maintain the workout philosphy that less is more.....yes it seems mainstream counterintuitive to just be lifting compound heavy exercises rather than using every piece of equipment in the gym (or where ever you workout), but the benefits do come. Best of luck


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                            I don't think carbs are necessary at all for muscle building. Once you've converted to burning fat as fuel instead of carbs you'll need protein for building muscles and fat to burn as fuel. It is possible to gain muscle while lose fat if you do it right. Take the leangains guy for example.


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                              I like discussing old topics again - sometimes people have new thoughts or ideas... new research.... thinking can change, even Mark's!

                              I have gained a TON of muscle of PB. I started 'lifting heavy things' because my friend said to me: "you don't so much have limbs, but twigs". So three months ago i got into the gym 3 times a weeks with weights. People now comment on my arms and legs. Seriously. Someone even said to me 'I can tell just by the muscles in your shoulders that you are super fit".

                              So - do I eat carbs? Not really. I did a few months of my fatrotein:carb ratio being 55:25:20, but it didn't agree with me - I was always hungry and thinking about food. I now eat 25:55:20 and feel great. It works out to about 60g of carbs a day for me. I can't eat fruit at all, due to a fructose issue so don't have higher carb veggies (e.g. sweet potato, peas, carrot, tomato) and I don't 'cheat' with grains EVER. It's all non starchy veggies and I make it up with 1-2 portions of low fat high protein dairy a day (Greek yogurt and or cottage cheese). You don't have to go for the low fat option, that is just what worked for me.

                              I suspect gains might be a little slower than if you ate all the carbs, but there is no bulking up and I think it is much healthier. So, overall, yes, you can build muscle just fine. I can now bench press my body weight for 5 reps