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How often do you work out?

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  • How often do you work out?

    Currently I work out about 3 times a week (MWF), take weekend off. Is it OK to sometimes do 2 days in a row?

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    I strength train 3x per week and try to do something else every day of the week. during the warmer months, that's mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, hitting pads, etc, and in the winter I ski. i also make an earnest attempt to walk my 2 dogs nearly every day. the walk is 2.5 miles


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      What Rug said, minus the dogs, although I walk myself some.

      You can do stuff two days in a row just fine, but don't do heavy stuff using the same muscle groups two days in a row.

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        Strength training 3 days/week, Hard Jiu Jitsu training twice. It's probably a bit more than optimal.
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          Krav Maga mon, tues, thurs. Starting strengh-ish weds/friday.


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            It depends on what you mean by workout. I have 4 days of structured strength and calisthenics. In between those days I climb, bike, hike, canoe etc...
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              Two days in the gym with at least two days rest between even though I hit different muscles each day.

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                I go five days a week mainly for the mental aspect of it. I do two different "programs" four days a week, then Wednesdays are cardio circuit. I don't do a lot of heavy lifting like most folks here, but it's heavy for me.