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What is better running or sprints?



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  • What is better running or sprints?

    I am trying to lose fat and wanted to know what would be the best and fastest way for the cardio portion sprints or running and if sprints how many and for how long?


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    You have to be in pretty good shape to sprint. You also have to be very careful to not injure yourself. Do a search on MDA with "sprint" and you'll get plenty of useful hits.

    If you want to burn fat fast the best bet would be to a combination. Sprints to improve your cardio system, increase metabolism and increase strength. Running to simply burn calories. I don't like running, so do a combination of sprinting and walking. I also burn a lot of calories cycling around 10 hours/week.


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      Do both; if you are quite overweigth and out or shape the safest is to sprint (or walk fast!)in stairs like Rocky in the film. Do 5 - 8 sprints of 20 - 30 seconds walk or jog down while resting, and after that do 20 - 30 minutes of jogging in moderate tempo. This can be done frequently 5 - 6 days a week to ramp up fatloss, don't listen to those that says less is more and that once a week is enough...
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        Arguably HIIT is very effective in terms of fat loss, so as they said, do a combination of both.

        I prefer to run 3 - 4mi. several times a week at moderate pace, because I find it relaxing, but I'm not really looking to lose anymore weight/fat.


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          How I lost 155 Lb. in just under a year.

          Peak 8: The Basics - YouTube twice a week


          BODY BY SCIENCE (VIDEO 10): The Big 5 Workout (Part 1) - YouTube twice a week.

          I have since moved on to Wendler's 531 but still do Sprint 8 or when the weather is good I do hill sprints.