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Runners - knee pain??

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  • Runners - knee pain??

    So I've been running for a while and in the past couple weeks I've been noticing that during my runs the back of my right knee get really painful, almost feels like the tendons are really tight back there. Any ideas of what this could be? Also what I can do to treat/prevent it? I've never had any issues in the past and can't afford to be injured!

    I bike as well which doesn't hurt at all. It will get sore if I've been walking a lot during the day as well. I'm planning on resting it for a couple days regardless, I'm just hoping to be a little proactive in helping with the healing process.

    I run on dirt/gravel trails, grass, asphalt and sidewalk depending on my route. I usually do 2x 3ish mile runs and one longer (usually 5-7 miles) each week. I bike and walk a lot, and strength train twice per week (although I've skipped my leg workout the past two times because of this)

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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    Is the tightness only when you run or whenever you flex or extend your leg. It could be many things obviously from a minor strain to a pulled tendon. Also look up a Baker's cyst. The main symptoms are pain and tightness behind the knee.


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      When I was running over 20 miles a week (but generally upwards of 30), I would get a very similar pain on the backside of my right knee, a little to the inside. As I recall, the doc said it was some sort of band that connects your inner knee to your outer hip (at least that's what I took away from the appt....please excuse any of my [mis]interpretation). Generally, it'd hurt for about the first mile or two then diminish or my awareness of it diminished. Stretching was the prescribed remedy.

      How I got better? I stopped running so much. If I keep my running at no more than 15 miles/wk then I don't have that pain.
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        I would day tightness in hamstring and possibly VMO,VL,RF. You need to accompanying your running with strength sessions and i know you said you avoid past few but if your legs arent strong enough your shock absorbers (knees) will struggle with the high load u put them through with your running.

        Try dynamic hamstring stretches and leg swing before your run.

        Defniately get on the foam roller and pinpoint the tension on your upper thighs and find the tight spots that may be stressing your knee!

        Hope it helps


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          Maybe look into nutrients also...

          Potassium/Magnesium supplementation was a great move for me.
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            Have you ever tried running barefoot or buying vibrams? This prevents join problems
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              Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I have a foam roller and never even considered that! I've stayed off it for almost a week now so I'm hoping that with a good warm up tomorrow I can go for a short run. Going to stay off the pavement for a while though and stick to the trails.

              Lets hope it was just a minor strain!! Thanks again!


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                Runners knee pain

                If there is too much pain for you to do the leg press, then do r.i.c.erest, ice, compression, elevation. Once it feels better attempt the leg press. oh, i almost forgot, if you dont have access to a leg press, then just do squats with a narrow stance, you dont even need any weight.


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                  Just a quick update: I've done lots of resting, foam rolling, icing, weights, cross training and slow slow runs in the past few weeks and the knee has been feeling great. I knocked out 8.5 miles on Sunday and a quick 3 miles today and am feeling good to go. I'll continue to be really careful to avoid a re-occurrence, but just wanted to say another thanks for all the advice!


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                    Take care of your knees!

                    I had my left knee reconstructed in February of this year and it really sucks! (I'm still struggling on slow 3 mile runs)

                    Take care of it before it gets to that point and you'll be better off in the long run!
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