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    Has anyone followed this way of eating to compete as a female figure competitor or bodybuilder?

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    im sure this could be very effective for a figure competitor. less complex carbs equals less glycogen less water retention which would give you that dry shredded look figure girls strive for. saturated fat and MCT's will help keep you lean. plus no bloating because sugars/dairy/grains are eliminated. you might need to add a little complex carbs to get through training, i suggest red potatoes mashed with garlic and butter. red potatoes are alkalinic and will replenish muscle glycogen.


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      I considrered doing it and one of my Trainer Friends led me HERE instead!

      Honestly, the food just looks too boring. Its mainly VERY LOW carb toward the end as you get closer to the competition, and so water heavy to me. Not enough flavor or variety in the food, which is what led me here, as I was eating a bodybuilder diet for 18 months pre-PB. I couldn't hack the boredom with the food anymore. It also seems very fish heavy which isn't my thing. I think that you can achieve a figure competitor physique eating Primally. I definitely look MUCH more cut since going primal 3 months ago.