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Soccer nutrition plan *HELP*



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  • Soccer nutrition plan *HELP*

    hey eveyone

    i´ve been reading and searching the whole 2010 and 2011 about paleo,primal stoneage evoultion food and so on.. and read this blog every day. Now to my question...

    I´m a 21 year old pro soccer player from sweden who been mixture diffenrent food types and lines for the last 4-5 years to fill in the optimal performance food..and i feel close now primal seems the right way, there you can get the food every where , you dont have to look for very very special stores to find speeecial ingridients. Have you any suggestion for a meal plan, train 5 times each week + 1 game at weekend.
    *sidenote* i have gluten and toally milk allergy *








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    Magnus Lundstedt

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    I don't have a meal plan for you just general advice really. I would aim for about 300g of carbs per day minimum.

    If you are training that often and routinely depleting your glycogen stores then carbs are your friend.

    Just choose your sources wisely and make them primal/paleo or non offensive. I would go for potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, fruits etc and white rice as my go to carb sources. I would also have a good bit of protein at each meal, veggies and a reasonable amount of fat to help stabilise your blood sugars. Adding cinnamon will also help to regulate this.

    You might have to go a little lighter on the fats, especially post workout but still get the quality primal ones in. I don't think macronutrient ratio is that important as long as you are eating enough carbohydrates for recovery and enough calories in total. I wouldn't shy away from sports drinks when you are training and or competing for over an hour. If you can afford it coconut water would be good, but would be very expensive over time so maybe not all the time.

    Post workout a good quality whey protein shake (like jarrow whey unflavoured assuming your body can handle it because it is made from dairy) could be useful and some easily digestible carbs i.e rice

    Try and get a good amount of your cabs in the post workout window probably 120g or so.

    Hope this helps
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      I am also a soccer player, but not pro by any means, and I usually only consume about 150 grams of carbohydrates with most of my calories coming from fat. It will be interesting to see what others recommend. I have never done to good on a high carb diet, and I also have problems with gluten and dairy so it has been a struggle to find the right diet to compliment my activities and performance, but if you are going to stick to a high carb diet, base it on tubers and white rice.


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        You guys might benefit from reading Anthony Colpo’s site. He gets a lot of crap for being “rude” to low carb bloggers but his work output is similar to yours so he’s somebody to go look for. He’s basically primal too, but eats WAY more carbs than most of us here. I’m talking upwards of 600g daily or on training days. He has longer workouts and typically rides his bike for many hours so it’s somewhat similar to soccer training/playing. All his carbs are as mentioned above, tubers, white rice, etc. He steers clear of grains as well so I think he’s a respectable source of higher primal carb intake info.

        PS: On an unrelated note, would either of you two soccer players device a running/sprint regimen for me to try? I used to play soccer for many years and remember most of the warm up and conditioning drills but it’s been a while since I’ve done them and I’d like to ease into them. Basically I want to get rid of my sprinting day and instead do more varied sprinting/jogging/agility type stuff. There’s probably stuff you guys do in your training that I never did, or maybe a drill that really pushes you guys? I’m most likely nowhere near your conditioning level but I’ll scale it to suit my needs. Thanks in advance. You can PM me so this thread doesn’t go sideways.
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          600 grams of carbohydrates.....woah, that is way too much, I try my best to not go over 150gr.

          A running regime that my-ex soccer team use to do a lot was a run up and down bleachers for 25 minutes. Then we would do suicides, or small sprints every 10 yards and increasing by 10 consecutively until we completed 50 yards. After we would do various forms of pylometrics, or backwards sprints with quick feet.

          I wish I could explain it to you more clearly but it's pretty difficult to do. Anyways, these workouts were intense, but they made you feel good afterwards.


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            I'd still say... rice is not necessary IMO. You don't get anything from rice BUT carbs... you might as well jump on something more nutrient dense if you're going to be ingesting anything at all.
            Little Saiyan