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Do you run lots of miles?? Can you maintain your muscle?

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  • Do you run lots of miles?? Can you maintain your muscle?

    Could you show your mileage per day and meal plan for that day? Do you feel like you need more carbs? Are you maintaining your weight, or trying to lose or gain? Is it hard to maintain the muscle you have from weight lifting since you're doing so much cardio?

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    Well I try to run 30 miles a week on the off seasons for track and cross country. I generally have a smoothie in the morning (whey protein ((show the whey brand)), banana, 4 eggs, and about a tablespoon of coconut oil), my lunch is very unplanned I generally just snack on fruit, nuts, have leftovers from the previous dinner, etc. If you're a serious competitive athlete and you think you need more carbs you could try having rice. It's gluten free, and there's almost no polyunsatured fatty acids, it's low in lectins, etc. It's still mostly empty calories and it's high glycemic, but it's a cheap source of calories and it cause insulin resistance if it's only eaten once in a while. It's not hard to maintain muscle or strength at all for me, but it's significantly harder to gain mass. I would prefer to gain a little more muscle but I'm really happy with where I'm at.


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      Oh yeah lol dinner is grassfed beef most of the time, occasionally salmon, with whatever vegetables I feel like having. I generally have spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes or beets cooked in butter, coconut or olive oil. I get the beef from grasslandbeef (search it on google) and mostly get bulks ground beef and skirt steaks.