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Cycling Computer w/ HR Alarm?



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  • Cycling Computer w/ HR Alarm?


    I'm looking for a recommendation on a solid bike computer that includes a heart rate alarm. I bought a Wahoo ELEMNT, assuming it would have one. I excitedly installed it and took it out for a ride last night after work only to find that it doesn't have this seemingly basic feature. I love the device otherwise, but I'm having a hard time justifying the price without the alarm.

    Until now, I've been using a Polar H7 and trying various apps on my phone with moderate success. However, I'd prefer not to carry my phone while I ride. My phone has BLE but not ANT+.

    I'd like a computer that has Strava integration, but this is more of a "nice to have" rather than a requirement. I'd also consider a watch type device, but I'd really like something that would also allow me to record my HR data with the ELEMNT and/or my phone at the same time.

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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    Seems like these forums are populated mostly by bots...

    Any thoughts?