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Slow release carbohydrates?



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  • Slow release carbohydrates?

    Looking into Floyd Mayweathers diet I came across an article talking about slow release carbs. I've never heard of the term before :

    As well as the Paleo style diet that Smith discusses, slow release carbohydrates - such as whole grains and oats - are essential says performance nutritionist Mark Ellison, who works with GB Boxing. "They provide accessible energy that the body needs during high intensity exercise. Without it, boxers can fatigue quicker."
    Source :

    Now, on the forums I've seen oats as a no-no in general, so I have been avoiding my old staple breakfast oatmeal, but this article seems to point out that whole grains and oats are OK for high intensity workouts.

    What do you guys think?
    You only have to look at Floyd Mayweather's sculpted physique to know that there’s a lot of work that goes into ensuring his body is geared for optimal performance.

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