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    Hi all!

    I was just wondering if anyone had any good advice for off season eating for a triathlete. I am switching to primal ways during the winter to see if work on metabolic efficiency. I also am trying to stay as lean as possible on very little training the next little while. If anyone has any suggestions for me i weigh 140lbs.

    Thank you so much. I am often scared about consuming to much fat as i read about alot of people putting on extra weight due to eating too many nuts.

    I am also worried that the access protein and fats will help buld unwanted muscle?

    Any advice would be awesome.

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    Sorelegs, I'd give full Paleo/Primal eating a go. As a tri-athlete, I'm assuming your dietary past must've had a lot of processed stuff, grain based, and high carb stuff. Just cut out the packaged/processed foods, only veggies, fish, fowl, pork, beef, game, seafood, eggs from the best organic/freerange/pasture raised sources. Just become a ruthless dogmatic whole foods eater. Banish Neolithic foods (grains, veggie oils, sugars, processed etc) for the winter.

    I'd suggest skipping or severely restricting nuts, dairy and fruit.

    You'll end up with a pretty high fat, moderate protein and ultra low carb intake, you can track and measure if you want a handle on the macronutrients. Don't sweat the high fat nutrition! This will help your body back to it's preferred fat burning metabolism, and that will be a huge advantage come Tri-season.

    And while you are at it, pick up a high intensity training habit. You can find loads of info, but stick to the premise of SHORT duration, HIGH intensity and only 2-3 days a week. Sprints, plyometrics, jumping, body weight (push ups, pull ups, sit ups, burpees, lunges, air squats) to failure. Look into P90X, Crossfit,, Starting Strength, Body by Science.

    You'll come out of the blocks next season with a huge advantage from both nutrition and strength.

    I've been hitting up the local Crossfit, and have gained significant strength, it is paying off in trail running, cyclocross and ATB events.


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      thanks Acme bike,

      i usually only have a few weeks down time, and then i get back in to some pretty solid training all winter with lots of intensity as well as i add weight training back in.

      What are your thoughts on IF on some days, and if so for how long and how often? i was also going to talk to my coach about some long base work in the winter on very little food to work on metabolic efficiency.

      I was wondering if you know how long it usually takes for your body to shift more towards fat burining on a paleo diet?

      Thanks for your help!