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    Are there any high level paleo/ned/PB athletes that perform at world competition level?

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    I still want to know what NED means.
    But I don't see why one couldn't be a high level primalist.
    It requires you to have more carbohydrates in your diet than I would ever eat.
    Depending on the type of exercising/activity you train for.
    Though if you eat berries it's quite easy to get a lot of micros and carbohydrates at the same time.
    Some people have been suggesting sweet potatoes and other starches for athletes as well. I wouldn't know how that works because I don't have access to any sweet potatoes.


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      Novak Djokovic (numero uno)
      Frank Mir (UFC heavyweight fighter. He went vegan, felt soft and weak, then went primal)
      Forrest Griffin (UFC fighter)
      Simon Whitfield (Canadian, was a gold medalist in triathlon at the 2000 olympics)
      Jonas Colting (Triathlete, ultra-endurance runner)
      Dean Karnazes (Ultra endurance runner)
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        NED is New Evolution Diet by Art DeVany


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          Thanks for that Winterbike! I'll check out the athletes, very interesting.


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            Dont forget swedish Jonas Colting, the triatlet!

            Can You Be an Endurance Athlete and Primal? | Mark's Daily Apple

            I read somewhere that he will in the future arrange Movnat-camps here in Sweden togheter with Erwan Le Corre!!


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              Djokovic has got to be the most famous example. Most pro athletes are genetic freaks though, and usually under 30 to boot.
              If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                I forgot, Charles Poliquin advices all his athletes to go mostly paleo or at least gluten-free, and he's trained a lot of high level ones.


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                  not trying to be negative and i know its not answering the question but most true world class athletes (not frank mir) would still be true world class athletes if they lived off of popcorn, hot dogs and soy protein. their genetics and SKILLS got them to where they are..usually in spite of their diet not because of it.

                  i have personally seen diet make a good amount of difference in the long term development of athletes and for sure a lot of top tier guys and gals ARE eating in ways that make a difference.

                  do the list of people you mentioned try to go low carb or are we talking paleo+400gms a day carbs from sweet potatoes etc?

                  i have a good friend who completely turned his physical abilities around with diet (pb) and improving training techniques. he fueled 1.5 hour a day workouts, 4days a week on 80gms/carbs or less a day on non workout and 150 or less on workout days with an occasional high cal refeed day (more protein/carbs). i didnt think it would be enough but once shifted gears he lost almost 60lbs of fat and gained probably 15lbs of muscle in about a year. his running performance went through the roof for him compared to his old self. he wasnt competing though..just training to better himself. competition demands would probably increase glycogen need beyond what he would be able to consume in protein without eating extra carbs.

                  got any more links or list of athletes that do low carb? thanks for the info!