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Long distance triathlon on mostly primal/paleo food

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  • Long distance triathlon on mostly primal/paleo food

    So here is some inspiration. As a spur of the moment thing I decided to da a semi long distance triathlon (1000m swim, 76km bike and 20 km run). Since it wasn't really planned I didn't have the best training leading up to it, and therefor didn't have a chance to try out energy drinks and gels. So in fear of a bad reaction to a very sugary food during the race I decided to try and push the use of these until the last part of the run, and go for the stuff I knew my stomach could handle.

    The days leading up to the race I ate a lot more fruit than normally, I had sweet potatoes for dinner the night before and on race day my breakfast was two eggs, 50g ham and 2 sweet potatoes. During the bike ride I had made a bottle of energy drink consisting of 50% natural juice and 50% water and added an electrolyte supplement (no sugar).

    On the run I ate a small handfull of raisins every few km and had a banana at the water/energy. After 10km I started to feel tired so had two glasses of energy drink on the rest of the trip, but other than that I pretty much managed to do a 5 hour race on pure paleo foods, and felt great pretty much the whole race through, so it can be done.
    Also I ended up regretting that I didn't just bring two bottles instead of one with water since that might have helped with the last few km, but hey this was my first shot at long distance triathlons so I am pretty happy with it.

    Just a little inspiration.

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    That is inspiring. (Not that I would ever do a distance event again. Hehe.) It shows the power of primal/paleo.
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      Yeah I know 5 hours of racing would not really qualify as a primal exercise, but for those of us not ready to give up on the endurance part of things, it's nice to know that you can get a long way without the grains and sugar.


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        Originally posted by TriGirl View Post
        Yeah I know 5 hours of racing would not really qualify as a primal exercise...
        Dunno, sounds like a hunt to me.

        Congrats! Any plans to do more? That's a helluva distance you did. I've been reading up on Ironmans... I hope to do a sprint distance next spring. Really inspiring stuff, good on ya.
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          I am still a bit high from it, and very happy with the result. I have decided to try out for a full distance, this was a way to see how I would do with the longer distance, besides having been injured during the summer.

          I have actually contacted Amy Kubal (Nutritionist associated with Robb Wolf and Whole 9) and she is going to help me structure my eating a bit better. Must admit thought that I don't think I will be purely primal/paleo there will definitely be some gels and other stuff involved, but it was nice knowing it could be done to some extent.


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            Interesting indeed.
            I have a half ironman in a few weeks and will be doing my 2nd ironman next year (but first following primal)
            Long bikes I find I am ok but I do take energy drink and have gels with me for emergencies!

            Will trial lots of different things leading up to ironman but so far no carbs = no problem


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              Good stuff. It is do-able on the longer events but packaging and convienience is the hard part. Sport drinks, bars and gels are easy to slip in a jersey pocket or strap to the bike. Fruits much less so. I have successfully done road races completely Paleo - Primal(3 hours ish) and (longer) century rides on water and fruit but those events usually have checkpoints and or rest points where you can top up both water and fruit.

              Believe it or not chunked fresh coconut meat in zip lock sandwich bags is one of my fav on the bike foods. Dried dates or figs work pretty good too and they even give you sticky fingers like those nasty gel packs do.......(wink).

              Keep up the good work!