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    Thats great! I do my first scrimmage thursday doing the jam timing. Im excited to see the girls in action against another team. I have still been skating recreationally outside since its been pretty nice.

    Im glad business has been good for you!


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      So, NSO'd the bout last night, too.

      I'm looking forward to learning the penalty wrangling as the next step (I think), and getting into that more. Also starting to sort the schedule so that I can casual skate again.

      But in cooler news, it looks like there's some idea about forming a rec-league.


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        cool. I learned penalty wrangling at practice last night. Its a piece of cake. Most of the jobs are really. I have still been skating casually. The rec-league sounds like an awesome idea!


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          Ooh, this is great!

          I'm a rookie with the Atlanta roller girls and have been Trying to be primal for a while.. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Primal Fuel for before or after practices? I've been struggling to find something easy to eat before i get there to keep my energy up.

          Any suggestions?

          Jean-Juke Picard


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            i don't do protein powders and the like, so I really can't say.

            I just kinda go as i go, i guess.

            I'm looking forward to less work and more play, but these days, it's still mostly work. Great work though, and I'm thankful for it.


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              I'm fresh meat here at my league in NH (just about to leave for practice!). I try not to eat a ton because our space is really hot. Just a banana if anything before. I don't do protein powders either.

              I've been NSOing bouts and am looking forward to really getting into understanding all of the penalties. Skills assessment in one month!


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                So ignoring the spambot . . . I did my 1st 5 laps in 1 minute tonight. i was at 1:04 so need to ramp that up to pass skills assessment on 7/31. A little worried about 25 in 6 minutes but am pretty good with endurance. Nailed my turn around toe stops tonight - woohoo!


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                  Hello derby players!!! I just found this thread and am excited to talk to you all. I play in WI...have been playing for two years now and paleo for a lot of that. I still struggle with my eating and weight tho...

                  My first questions is....what is this 25 in 6!!! We had to do 25 in 5 minutes and it was HORRIBLE. Still is for me...I am not a natural athlete nor skater! I just try really really hard.

                  My pre-practice fuel is dark chocolate covered espresso beans. They are allowed only before practice and are eaten in the truck on the way as to limit amount. They are also kept in the truck because...well...I struggle with correct choices and amounts sometimes!


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                    I've been NSOing, too, but not able to dedicate the time to the meetings right now. I"m setting up my business to finish teaching at 3:00 so that I can have some time at home with DH/DS and then head out to meetings/trainings (at 7pm) just as DS goes to bed.

                    I'm so psyched. Should be back at skating on WEdnesdays in Sept/Oct, and then hopefully will do more NSO and maybe move into officiating next year.


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                      Gosh, and darn it! I thought this was a thread about 'fit' paleo-girls in Derby (an English city, nearby.)
                      All the best!


                      The quieter you become the more you're able to hear.

                      Mawlana Jalaludin Rumi


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                        heh, no.

                        primal roller-derby players (or wannabes like me anyway).


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                          No Spammers on Derby Girl Thread. *hip check*


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                            Our League final was last night and it was *awesome*. I have to say that the play was really impressive and a lot of fun to watch.

                            I was penalty timer again, which was awesome.

                            I'm hoping to learn more NSO stuff throughout the rest of the year (during inter-league play and tournaments), and then look into becoming an official in the new year.


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                              I passed my ground meat assessments last night. Really looking forward to being able to participate in scrimmages. I enjoy NSOing too - I was considering learning to be a ref


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                                Hi everyone! I was wondering if there was a derby thread, and here it is. I started at the end of April this year, and have only done my white star assessment (I think there are probably different assessments in different leagues so I dunno if this will make sense to everyone lol). Have to try to work up to 5 laps in a minute for yellow star (but even if I don't get it that's okay, as long as I counteract it with better stats in other things!!). As long as we get a high enough "average" score in all skills, we pass. I only managed to do 18 laps in 5 minutes on my white star test because I wanted to get good cross overs (and when I go faster my cross overs fail lol). I figured I was better off trying to score higher on the cross overs than get another point for speed (We need to get over 20 to get an "average" score at white star).

                                Anyways, it's all good . We had another intake of freshies the other day though, and some are really good skaters already, so those of us who are slightly more experienced freshies have our work cut out in order to stay ahead of the curve a little .

                                Unfortunately, there is no roller rink where I live (there was back in the 80s but it closed down) so we just practice in a gym. It DOES mean that it's harder to get recreational skating in. There's currently one free night a week BUT they're changing it into another training session (which is good in a way, cause we're only training once a week now at my level and we need MORE) but it'd be nice to have a free skate session too!!

                                As I'm learning I'd like to do more NSO stuff, but most of the need for it is Sunday afternoons before our freshie training (which finishes at 8.30) and that's the time I'm usually looking after my kids, cooking etc. and I'd have to be away all Sunday afternoon/evening, which is really hard when there's no one to look after the kids (well I trust them to a certain extent on their own, they range from 10-14) but I don't really expect them to make their own meal and clean up everything (or I don't expect them to do it WELL lol).

                                Anyway, sorry for the rambling . Nice to see some other derby girls on here!!