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Macros while working out

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  • Macros while working out

    Hi Guys

    I am going to start th Primal diet soon, and I just have a query

    It states in the book to be arounf 50-100g of carbs a day for fat loss, is this still the same number if working out?

    Also, similar question, but how would you divide your macros to aim for a Primal diet and a bodybuilding (not competing) lifestyle, I used to aim for around 30/30/40 so thats 30carbs, 30fat and 40 protein or there abouts, this is the first time using a Primal approach to diets, so any help is appreciated

    I understand fats may be higher and carb choices are different to what I nroamlly used to use, but am willing to give it a go

    Thanks guys

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    you will do good


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      the only time I stray away from Paleo is my post workout nutrition, I usually have a gatorade/dextrose mixture with creatine