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what to eat post workout?!?

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  • what to eat post workout?!?

    Ok, so I'm new to this "primal" thing and I'm really trying to stick with it to the best that my willpower, and my budget (college student), will allow. I've heard so many different and conflicting ideas about what a good post-workout meal is supposed to contain. I've heard that sugar (even from fruit) is bad directly after a workout because it stunts HGH release. And I've been thinking that carb-loading to replenish glycogen was the right thing to do, but after reading some of the book, I'm beginning to question that. I'm confused! Any ideas of post-workout meal/drink should contain?

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    Unless you are pretty serious, it matters little.

    What constitutes a workout for you, and how do you feel afterwards?
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      Post workout go low fat, high carb and moderate protein asap after your workout ends. You need carbohydrates to fuel your workout and help you recover. As long as they are from a good source I wouldn't fret about it. Your testosterone to cortisol ratio is pretty important, so eating some carbs post workout is a winner.
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        u dont have to eat right after ur workout, after i do lifting i eat about a hour after. let the HGH ride thru. but yes low fat-high carb. i would suggest some white starches, ppl say sweet potato but u need a higher GI food for the benefit of glycon replenishment.
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          My workouts go from pretty heavy, short strength training routines, to full body isometric stuff. My main source of exercise is probably mountain bike riding though. I usually feel really good afterwards, but also really hungry haha.


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            Thanks for the advice so far guys. Any specific foods that yall recommend?


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              Gotcha. If you don't follow a CKD or something like lean gains or UD2.0, then just eat some primal food.
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                I usually workout in the afternoon afterwork and finish the workout around 5:20-5:30 pm I usually have my dinner between7-8pm andthatismy post workout meal it is high fat high protien and once or twice a week I throw in a baked sweet potatoe or yam. So basicly
                A bighunk of meat(usauly red meat around 16 -32 oz(short ribs aregreat!) or a chicken.
                A vetablelike a bunch of kale wilted with coconiutoil with somecream and red chilepepper on top or a bigsalad
                Depending on how I feel (if I feel I was straining to finish the workout or sprint set) I add a baked yam around 4 oz with alot of butter or If I make a braze dish I have a small pumpkin or squash with my pound or two of fatty delicious meat.

                That and a spoonful of cod liver oil and I am good to go.

                The next day I may fast till lunch but I push hard to get 170-200 grams of protien a day at my bodyweight. Sometimes that is crammed in two meals.

                My performance during my workouts is proportional to my balance of food I eat and forcing myself to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night.
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                  Originally posted by PrimalMark
                  I think we need to get this clear. PB is a high carb programme or a low carb? Whats with carb refeeding? I just got my ass handed to me in another discussion that this is not a low carb forum. wtf? (wheres the fruit lol!)
                  Ah, young grasshopper. I'll try to make this as short as possible:

                  You can either a) want to "be" primal or b) want to learn about food and choose your path, without concerning yourself with labels (primal/paleo/etc)

                  I can't help you if you want to "be primal" ... someone else can take that one. I'm talking here about the desire to re-enact a period of time that is long gone.

                  If you just want to learn what food does, and how you can utilize this knowledge to your benefit, then things such as "carb refeeds" and the inclusion of "empty starches" such as white rice and white potatoes will begin to make sense to you. I suggest you visit those carb refeed threads to read the science and rationale behind it.

                  The primal diet or lifestyle can be low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, etc... you can go through periods of wanting to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, and periods of wanting to eat mostly of the animal kingdom. Neither approach is "more primal" than the other. There's some that will argue you should always eat tons of veggies, others don't care much for their nutritional profile and would rather liver or something, and include vegetables randomly.

                  Personally, I'm not a huge fan of vegetables, so while I do eat them, I don't go desperate for them or get a nutritional hard-on when I see lots of colors on my plate. I'm a fan of animal fat and muscle first and foremost, the rest are always just sides. Right now with the weather getting colder I mostly want to eat meat with potatoes, so that's what I do. Potatoes are less toxic carb sources than any grain, and after a good heavy workout they make me feel fantastic. However, yesterday my biggest meal was a huge salad with not very much meat (though I made up for it with lots of duck at night, with white rice, so delicious)

                  So as you can see, you don't have to stick to one side or the other, and I think it's more rewarding to learn about how your body assimilates food (and what happens as you eat, talking about insulin/leptin reaction to foods, mostly) and proceed according to what "stage" you're in, ie: what you're looking to accomplish. If you're looking to drop more than 30lbs of body fat, or are brand new to primal (regardless of weight) you probably want to stick to low carb, once you're in the sub 20lbs you're best off introducing clean carbs and going lower in fat when you eat those carbs, which should also be the day you work out, and on the off days enjoy higher fat meals with lower starch vegetables (if you want to eat them at all. My off days are almost zero carb) and so on and so forth.

                  .... or, you can just eat anything insofar as it falls under "real food."
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                    most people wont agree with this but the best thing to have post work out is about 20g-30g simple sugar like dextrose. it creates a insulin spike which is the most anabolic hormone and blunts cortisol which is a hormone that is highest after a session. it is a catabolic hormone that burns muscle.
                    but really depends on your goals from training


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                      also a protein to carb ratio of 2 to 3 (protein to carb) has shown to give the most effective insulin response post workout window (30-60 mins post)


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                        As a base-line you should have protein + carbs after the workout latest whitin one hour (closer the work out, the better, say in 20-45 mins.).
                        For muscle growth/rebuild there is a "window of opportunity" which is gone after 1 hour. There are studies made on this.
                        To my understanding (sorry.. no reference..) easier the workout (intensity & duration) less protein and more carbs (e.g. 1-4 ratio), harder the workout (e.g. have weight training) more protein (1-1, 1-2 ratio). Usually fast carbs & low fat (after workout) are recommened in order to get incredients quickly (whitin the time window) to your circulation.


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                          Originally posted by alovice View Post
                          Any ideas of post-workout meal/drink should contain?
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                            What to eat? Yellowfin tuna and sweet potatoes. Nearly fat free, what little fat is in there is almost all omega 3 and sweet potatoes are possibly the best carb source out there post-workout. Either that or chicken breast and white rice. I've had great luck with 99% lean turkey burgers (2g fat/pound) and oven fries with a kosher dill pickle spear. Excellent.
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                              Would you recommend carbs+protein with low fat only for the after workout meal or rather eating low-fat the whole day with the hard training?