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  • pilgrimage

    I am 9 months into primal and feeling better all the time. My question is about diet for long haul races, multi-week events. There is a race called the Tour Divide. It's a mountain bike race that is raced in a single stage from Banff, Alberta to the Mexican border. It's self-supported and runs almost 2,800 miles of dirt through about 2 Rocky mountain passes a day (about 10,000 feet of climbing a day).
    You never go very fast, but you move most of the day, sometimes until late at night if you got stuck out in Grizzly country.
    I did this race in 08, mostly on sugar, carbs, and the occasional beer if I made town before the bar closed. It took 29 days.
    I would like to try it again, shooting for a faster time. I can't imagine going back to my previous diet, I like primal a lot and I think it would go well in a race like this. Problem is resupply is often a gas station every day, or sometimes every other day (snickers, gummy bears, not any real food-Cliff bars would be real gourmet). There are some groceries along the route, but they are literally few, and far between.
    Water is not a problem until NM. The rest of the race there are plenty of streams to drink from.
    In order to go at this primal, you would have to carry more food and hope to match up schedule with Post office drops.
    I am interested in what nutritional suggestions people have for this sort of sustained effort. Type of food, balance of carbs, fats, proteins, etc.
    It is a life changing event. Your heart rate seldom goes very high, except for when your stuck on a ridge in an electrical storm, but it never seems to really come down at night either.
    So, if you were going to be primal on such a pilgrimage, what would you advise. Think of this as a modern version of a migration over the Bering Straits if that helps.
    Weight matters and not much space on board a bike.

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    would it be possible to have packages shipped to you at the various gas stations or post offices near the gas stations? these could hold pemmican and jerky and the like, and you can fill gaps with good chocolate (available at gas stations these days, just get the darker stuff, i guess), and so on.

    some gas stations actually do sell decent jerky and the like, too. so that might be an option.