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  • Crash during/after workout

    How's it going - have been primal for about 45 days. Initially didn't have any problems adjusting and was able to stay full and feel strong throughout. I am 6'2" and 210 - I would guess my body fat to be 10-11%. The overall goal of eating primal is to build muscle.

    Have been Crossfit 5x a week for a while. Took about 10 days off of Crossfit due to injury. When I returned I found myself crashing during and after the workouts - weak, low energy, shakes etc. One day I took my blood sugar and it was 39 one hour after workout was over.

    My question is how do you avoid this? Is there a primal solution without adding grains? Normal breakfast is fruit and eggs with some type of fat also. It just seems strange that I was doing this for a month plus with the same level of activity and food intake and just now start to crash.

    Thanks for your input!


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    We're all a little different. Having said that, I'd suggest having a look at this (actually, his entire series is very thought-provoking)

    How a low carb diet affected my athletic performance (Part 4) The Eating Academy | Peter Attia, M.D.


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      Yes I was definitely in Ketosis when the crashing occurred and I would definitely say that most of my activity is anaerobic. I have started eating some carbs mainly whole grains in the morning to see if this will help fend off the crash. I am on 2 recovery days right now so we will see if the carbs helps me from that feeling.

      I wonder if my body isn't yet adjusted to using ketones for energy yet. According to PB it should be a couple of weeks?? Like I said it was 30+ days before this crash feeling started.


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        Why not add in some primal carbs like sweet potatoes and banana's? I crossfit 5x a week as well and do well with just primal carbs. I don't think crossfitting in ketosis is sustainable, at least not for me.


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          After almost a year of living in ketosis, under ~50g CHO per day and reduced protein as he described in the link above, here's one of Peter Attia's workout with his trainer: Tire flippping, jumping pull-ups, and other fun things you can do without carbs - YouTube


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            Thats a good idea to add some sweet potatoes into the diet - probably better choice than eating some toast in the mornings anyways