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Primal training for cyclocross

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  • Primal training for cyclocross

    Hello primal athletes,

    I had first posted this topic in the primal fitness session, because I am not really an athlete, but there was no reaction there so I decided to post this here.

    My exercise challenge is to find an exercise routine that is suitable for my hobby, cyclocross, and that is primal (enough).

    I really did not like the long hours on the bike in the build phase, and I did not have a the time anyway. So the primal way of exercise seems to suit me just fine. But will it work??
    Due to illness I havent been able to train for months. And I've got only 2 months left for the first race.
    At the moment I do some biking in the easy zones while going to work (that is good for 2 to 3 hrs of move slowly part). The rest of moving slowly is usually houshold and gardening. But this seems not enough to me. Probably should get more of this.
    My lift heavy things is split in 2. 2x2 of each. 1 is crunch, plank and push-ups, 2 being squat and pull-up. So 2 days a week number 1 and 2 days a week number 2, ususally 10 to 15 minutes. Maybe this is not good, and I should do more in a session and less sessions? But I do this because of time constraints.
    The play is off road sessions on the cross-bike and technical traning, and the sprint is the interval training on the cross bike. I am very curious on what level this type of routine is going to get me.

    Anyway, suggestions are welcome.

    Any cyclocrossers here?

    Best regards,

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    I think you should try your idea of splitting the sessions and see how you feel.

    What does cyclecross all entail?

    It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


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      It is a sort of cross country on a racebike but with a shorter frame and wider tires (adapted to the terrain). Great fun! Very intense though, at near max heart rate for some 45 min.
      See Cyclo-cross - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more info.

      Best regards,


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        Hi miss piggy,

        I have my eye on a cyclo-cross bike at the moment that I want to use for a daily commuter "a kona jake the snake"

        Sounds like you are getting enough slow steady pace stuff so I would look at HIT sprints, try hill either on the bike or running, I have also been doing some tempo riding, 2 to 5 mins flat out, 10 mins slow, repeat as many times as you can up to 1 hour.

        I am no expert but would look at doing more HIT workouts targeting the legs try for a 40-45 seconds of work 15 seconds rest repeat for 10 to 15 minutes. I would look at 3 compond exercises starting on the minute each minute for the allocated time. Try doing squats, push ups or pull ups then dragon lunges ( some times called ice skaters) or hindu squats. This works the legs then the upper body then back to the legs which gets the blood flowing from lower body to upper body. Play around with reps so you work for that 40-45 secs then have 20-15 secs rest before starting again ( each minute on the minute)

        Another one I like is as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:
        A1: 10 reverse lunges ( alt legs)
        A2: 8 reps of let me ins ( horizontal rows) works the quads as well as the arms
        A3: 6 push ups

        I followed this up with 9 mins of 10 deadlifts/ sumo squats, 10 kettle bell swings followed by 3 pull ups every minute on the minute as above the other day and that got the heart rate right up there....

        Finish off with 4-5 minutes of planks to strengthen the core.

        "Times fun when you are having Flies" Kermit the frog


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          Oh should have said try Burpees, jump squats, box jumps, jump lunges, skipping rope as well in the tabata/ HIT. All great for getting the heart going keep the sessions short 10 to 15 mins. Also look at doing joint mobility and warmups targeting, hamstrings, hip flexors and lower back all areas that get tight whilst riding bikes.

          This 100 rep routines a good one for those areas

          My Mad Methods - 100 Rep Bodyweight Warm Up #2

          Complete entire circuit with no rest in between exercises.

          A1: Hindu Push Up - 1 x 10
          A2: T-Squat - 1 x 10
          A3: BW Windmill - 1 x 10 Left
          A4: BW Windmill - 1 x 10 Right
          A5: Alt Dragon Lunges - 1 x 20
          A5: Alt Scorpion - 1 x 10
          A6: Back Hypers - 1 x 10
          A7: Roll Ups - 1 x 10
          A8: Side-to-Side Bridge - 1 x 10
          "Times fun when you are having Flies" Kermit the frog


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            "Ride lots" -- Eddy Merckx


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              Thanks fb frog! Definitely usefull suggestions. I am indeed lacking strength in the legs, and need to increase my workouts a bit.
              Good luck with the jake the snake. They are not widely available here, so I have no experience with them. i have got an empella bonfire for the commuting. This one doubles as spare bike for the races. My race bike is an ridley x-ride.

              Tercio, thank you for citing a fellow countryman of mine!



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                It sounds like you are working out at home, and not a gym? Either is fine of course I am a mountain biker and also ride on the road some. At the end of my group training session at the gym the other day our trainer finished our session with a something that really focused on the legs that might be useful to you:

                Make certain you are really warmed up first, of course, and for 4 minutes do the following:

                20 seconds of broad jump/hopping in place/bend over and touch the ground each time
                20 seconds air squats (make certain you come back all the way up with full hip extension)
                20 seconds in a single deep air squat

                repeat for 4 minutes, if that is too long at first you could always start with 2 minutes and build up to 4. This gets intense but really gets the legs attention. We have only done this once, but I've already added it to my list of favorites for when I am on my own.


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                  in the past my cx training has been just short burst intervals and some jogging.

                  unless i've been jogging, that first cx race is murder on the calves.


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                    Hi Catrin,
                    Yes, I work-out from home. I am not much of a gym/social person I'm afraid. Thanks for the tips. I will definitely try those excercices.

                    Hi Catherine,
                    I don't run/jog yet. But I really suck in the running parts of the cross, so I think I should add some running to my training.
                    you mentioned 'in the past'. Have you changed your strategy or have you stopped with cx?

                    Best regards,