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I FINALLY had a decent half marathon running on FAT!

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  • ya check out that strength training site for examples but you don't need to go to the gym...squats, lunges, step ups. those would all be helpful. of course if you have some of those elastics clamshells and side steps with tension are awesome.
    good luck!


    • I liked this little basic article-it talks about the changes our bodies go thru when we start to run longer.

      Why Should Long Runs Be Slower? | Runner's World

      I guess I just hear here and other places how negative running is on our bodies. I like to see the positives pointed out. I wonder what weightlifting alone does to resting heart rate? I need to look it up.

      I took today off from my trainer. I could not fathom doing squats today because my low back is so achy. I have a half on Sunday so I am going to take it easy the next few days. I will run slowly my doggy clients and that is it. I will just walk my own dogs on Saturday morning.

      I bought someone's number. I know it is weird but I have never done that! I feel funny about not being official and I think her corral is at the back. It is a popular race through nice neighborhoods-it is tight at the beginning which will be even more slower. I will have to see how this affects my racing. I might just take it easy since my back is hurting and enjoy the ride. My relay is in 3 weeks.

      Any races this weekend for other readers?


      • Hey y'all-I had an awesome race on Sunday! I ran 1:55 with someone else's number on the hilliest course ever. I could have done better but I shifted down at mile 8 and didn't really push it after that. I had hamstring pain from my low back down my leg and a new one this week-the big toe joint.

        I think maybe I need new shoes. this is tough because right now I am rotating 4 pairs--which ones do I throw away? I need to monitor this better.

        My friend ran/walked the race and she is 31 weeks pregnant! It took her 3 hours 3 min. She didn't just jump into it-she has run the whole pregnancy but just recently had to slow down a lot. They gave her 2 medals at the finish-1 for the baby

        I ate a little more after the race-I had some fruit from a Publix buffet after and then I ate 3 scrambled eggs with 1/2 avocado at lunch. I had protein shake in the afternoon and then shredded Mexican chicken with spinach, spaghetti squash, and roasted tomatoes at dinner. I made a gallon of chicken stock off the whole chicken in the pressure cooker! It is so, so good.

        Before the race I had a coffee with protein powder at 4am, another coffee with protein powder at 6 am. I used nuun during the race with a salt tab at mile 6 and at mile 9. I should have had like an egg/sweet pot hash at 4 am then the coffee at 6-but I didn't plan very well.

        I am really pushing the broth hoping I can tell a difference in my joints. My hands are hurting lately-my dad has RA-so I am going to be hard core with no cheating. I will see if I can get relief still using the protein but the rest clean, but if not after a month I will switch off of that.


        • Do read carefully the ingredient list on the protein powder. Since RA is an autoimmune disease, almost any "new" compound could make it through a leaky gut and trigger a flare. Possibly an elimination diet followed by very careful challenges would isolate a culprit and you'd know what is/isn't safe. My father had RA flareups for a while that were amazingly painful in his hands. I remember how very inflamed they were, and wouldn't wish that on anybody.


          • Annlee-thank you--it is in my hands now. I am worried that the big toe joint is RA too. I am trying just to not think about it right now. When I weight lift my wrists kill me. So I am going to watch this. I am still trying to get the last few pounds off so I am going to give it a month and then evaluate again. I've got to get in these stupid jeans or I won't have any fall clothes! Every ounce is a struggle.

            I wonder if there are professional athletes with RA or crossfitters with RA.

            My dad was very active all during his life, he is a retired Colonel, he played tennis and racquetball several times a week. We hiked and walked a lot growing up. He had 2 hip replacements and now the RA is causing severe psoriasis. It is really uncomfortable and yucky. He is 78. His diet is crap and always has been. He was always trim looking though and to my parents that = health. But my dad and I both are "suck it up" kind of people with pain-he collapsed a lung in battle and kept fighting, so that is what I grew up with.

            Speaking of pain-my back pain is gone! Yay! I just have residual soreness from running the race. I am weightlifting today so it will be a test to see how I feel tomorrow. I just have 2 dogs to run so I can take it easy there.


            • My maternal grandfather had RA and my mom has been tested (negative) for it. I have pain in one finger joint (first joint of index finger) and the big toe joint pain. My chiropractor does not think it's early onset RA, and actually got the pain to subside significantly through a really intense Active Release session. OMG I was climbing the walls as she was working that joint! It was horrid, but the after effects have been amazing! I can now run pain free on that foot! I hope you can get your RA under control. If you have access to it, I would recommend a chiropractor who does A.R.T. It's amazing stuff.

              My next race is a hilly one on October 20. I still haven't signed up - which is probably a good thing b/c I've developed an ITBS issue (left leg) and a weird calf issue (right leg). I haven't researched it very much, but I suspect my soleus is in need of some attention - as is my diet. 10 day "eat whatever you want" experiment... bad choice during half marathon training! EEP!

              That is so awesome about the double medal for your friend and baby. How cool!

              Congrats on the 1:55 finish... I can only dream of having a 1:55 finish!
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              • jenn!!! watch the soleus-this was the cause of my double stress fracture in 2011. I had a damaged soleus and gastroc in my left leg-put too much stress on the Achilles and then when I kept running through all of that I stressed my heel. Ice, ibuprofen, elevation. Hills are crazy on the ITBS.

                My chiro is ART--but is $88 a visit!!! I used up all my insurance covered visits several months ago and then I go when I can't stand it anymore and pay the $88. I wonder if I could negotiate a lower price if I go so many more times this year or something like that.

                Wow, I feel so much better when my diet is good. I am so much less puffy too.

                I am looking forward to my Tennessee Ragnar-I hope I can pull good times for the team. My race this weekend helped to feel more confident about that. I saw one of my team members there and he flew past me at mile 5. He probably finished in 1:40.

                No back pain so far and I back squatted today and did the sumo deadlift. My hammies feel a lot looser but when I started to run my first doggies I was so tight-I am sure I looked crazy.

                Does anyone else bench press?


                • I do!

                  I have been doing some research and the pain seems to be in the peroneus brevis... what worries me about this is that it could also be compartment syndrome, based on where I feel the pain. I hope it's not b/c that requires a long extended rest and possibly surgery. Hoping my ART doc can fix me up - none of the literature I looked at said anything about ART, but I know ART is a relatively new form of "medicine" so there may be no literature on it. I could also be over-reacting.

                  In any event, I made it about .83 miles before I had to stop today. The burning was so intense! Up until that point, I felt awesome! I have an appointment with my ART chiro on Thursday (she's closed tomorrow). I conferred with a long time runner and have decided to forego all running except my long run on Sunday in lieu of some strength training. My form is off and I think it's due to lack of ST. I haven't lifted since probably June or July. idk, Fitocracy won't let me go back that far in my logs. Either way, it's been too long. Core and glutes will be getting a workout over the next couple of weeks to get built back up. I haven't lost much. And then I'll work to keep it in my routine instead of only running. My max on squats was 110 before I took my break and I easily squatted 100 5x today.
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                  SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                  • jenn why did you take a break from lifting?

                    thinking back to when I was at my peak as a runner- end of 2010 to end of 2011-I did not lift at all then. I only ran until mid 2011 then I started cross fit. I was about 135-140 lbs. That is not super light but had some muscle (not like now). I am 5'7". I just can't believe how much I have changed since then. When I started cross fitting I starting adding a lot of muscle and fat. I think I have lost sight of what my goal is.

                    Do I want to run fast, be super strong, fit in my jeans, not get sick?


                    • I found it hard to keep it all up so the lifting took a back seat. Plus, when I see the ART doc, I go on lift days, which at the time took me down to lifting only one day a week and it hardly seemed worth it. Now my work schedule/training schedule has changed, I could lift 2-3x per week, depending on whether or not I see the ART doc.
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                      SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                      • Finally made it to the end! Hi Relaygirl! I originally found your post searching for marathon training. You got me interested in BP coffee and am trying it now in the form with tea. For most of my life, I think I have always been at 20% or more body fat and until I found MDA and the benefits of going Primal I struggled to get my weight down. Now, I was never obese, I was always in the Overweight range of the BMI scale. Now that I have been living Primal I have taken my weight down from 193lbs to 180lbs. I'm a 6' male 51 yo and have been an avid runner for the past 10 years. The thing that interested me about your early posts was the concept of running via ketogenesis. I am curious to try it because I would love to burn more of this body fat and preserve my LMM. I finally reached the end of the posts and I haven't seen you mention BP coffee. Do you still do it? If not, and pardon if you explained why before, why did you stop? I'm really interested also in your Ice Cream cravings and wondered if it is your body craving calcium or calories? Anyway, I have enjoyed reading all the posts and will continue to follow them. Thanks!
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                        • Hey Hispanicgamer--a few months ago when I decided to lean out I quit BP coffee. Now that said, I occasionally have it or a coffee with egg before a long run. I was straight up BP coffee fasting before. I think butter and MCT oil with coffee is awesome prerace if your stomach can handle it. I am surprised I never had any problems because I don't have a gallbladder.

                          Okay now I have upped my protein, my running performance has improved lately. I have gotten to the 1:50's in my half marathon and pulled out a super fast 5k a month ago or whenever it was. Looking back at my "stats" from several years ago, I ran 25 half marathons at 1:45 or less. This half I ran on Sunday, I think was my 55th half (I have to check).

                          I honestly feel that metabolically I am flexible. I think when I started this post last August or whatever, I was struggling with being ketogenic only, bonking, etc. I think bringing up the protein and carbs a bit many months AFTER having being fat adapted has helped me be flexible. I still get that rocket fuel surge about half way through that I feel like is a true fat burn. After a race I don't have to reload carbs or anything to run the next day.

                          I think this flexibility has made me a more comfortable runner. I don't feel like I have had the crap kicked out of me at the end of the race.

                          Today I am still at 50% protein, 25 fat, 25 CHO. Most of last year I ran at 50% fat, sometimes more.

                          The ice cream, I think is my crack. I am just an addict. I am so lucky I am not addicted to Percocet or alcohol. I can function being addicted to ice cream and hey, it's legal. But it causes all the symptoms of alcohol or drug withdrawal and I know my brain uses it seeking out the pleasure from the sugar and fat. And it makes me puffy and fat even though I run a ton of miles every week. I am just a 41 year old woman trying to drown out the insanity of 3 kids and a husband who works all the time. I also have other issues that the ice cream calls to. I am sure I need lots of therapy but I found it cuts into my running time and money for more shoes.

                          I'm on a good roll right now of not wanting ice cream--wanting my hot 27 " Miss Me jeans instead. I'm sure I am a running addict too. Yes, I am primal and I am a running addict. There I just flat out said it! There is nothing more to do about it

                          Okay, other marked changes in the past few months on more protein--gains in lifting and physically I have a lot more definition. This is one of the reasons why I think I want to push the weight loss more because I know I have such a strong core so I know my rock hard abs are under there I have lost some fat in my back and it looks really good.

                          I did not gain lbs on the BP coffee fast but I could not lose at all after many, many months. I did not have as many gains in lifting. I did adapt to fat burning and made myself a better equipped runner for longer distances (and my crazy lifestyle).

                          Hispanicgamer-what races are you running this fall?


                          • The wife and I are going to run the Silver Strand Half in November. We have run this every year for the past 7 years. It's pretty flat but sometimes San Diego will get a heat wave in November like it did 3 years ago and it's not much fun. Then we chill out til January when we start training with our running club for the San Diego Rock and Roll Half in June. We are thinking of trying for the San Diego Half in March? which friends of ours said was fun.
                            We both ran Marathons starting in 2003 as a way to keep our weight in check but like I stated my weight never seemed to go down. The PB has proven to me what I was missing all along that it's the grains or carbs that held from losing weight. My ultimate goal is to get to 170 with 10% body fat. I love running but I always hated the huffing and puffing I was going through. Now that I'm 13 lbs lighter I feel slightly faster but like everyone on the boards, I'm looking for that perfect mix of P/C/F.
                            Thanks again for keeping your thread alive and with all your knowledge!


                            • Hispanicgamer-in my experience, the thinner I have been, the faster I have run. I'm not sure if it was always the best thing but for me it was true. I find I am looking for the perfect macro's too. I truly think that not everyone can eat tons of fat like Nora Gedgaudas and Dave Asprey said. Can I eat 300 g of carbs either? No. So, I am trying to find the right balance too. March in San Diego sounds awesome to run

                              A lot of times I get in a food and information frenzy trying to make everything just right in a primall-y kind of way. Really when I keep things simple with meat and veg the rest falls into place.

                              I am feeling so good today. I ran 8 miles easy--even after training this morning with a ton of squat presses and big a** tire flips. Diet is everything for me. I did start my day with a bp coffee with .5 tbl mct, .5 tbl butter---way less that I used to do.

                              My husband and I have medical exams for our life insurance coming up! I hate this. We can say "oh, my cholesterol is high because i'm paleo, my bmi does not work because of lifting, etc." but really they don't care-you either fall in the parameters for a good rate or you don't. Each of my legs probably weighs 50 lbs a piece they are so stacked with muscle. This is not conducive to a "normal" bmi.

                              My youngest son is 7 and he just had his check up--did I say this already? He was right on the edge of the normal/high bmi chart and the Dr. gave me a warning. The kid is standing there shirtless (scared out of mind he is getting a shot or a finger prick) and he is CUT--like awesomely young boyish looking cut--so cute and natural-looking like he runs free like a wild animal outside every day. (he does pretty much get home from school and relieve himself of shirt and shoes and goes outside and just runs, plays Frisbee, plays basketball, anything) He is 99% for height and 95% for weight. There is no way there is anything unhealthy about his body mass.


                              • My son is also in the 95th for both height and weight. My doctor says not to worry about his weight b/c he's so high in height as well, so it supposedly balances out, but b/c of his age, he is in the bad boy range on the BMI charts. My son is 6 and weighs 76 lbs. He's not cut, but his height supposedly balances him. He also loves to run and ride his bike and do all things active. Hubby says I need to take him on runs with me. Right now, he can run a half mile faster than me. We haven't tried for longer. If I take him running with me, I'm torn between buying him a good pair of running shoes and getting him vibrams. Mama runs in vibrams.

                                Thank you for the recap of your experiments. It was interesting to see how certain things have or haven't worked for you.
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