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I FINALLY had a decent half marathon running on FAT!

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  • Jenn I was eating more Attia like before-over the past year. I think it made me gain. Mark's post on protein was good today. I'm on an all protein few days here with limited carbs and fat.

    Training yesterday was really good. I lifted well and pushed sleds. I did not sprint but I did last week and I was fine.


    • @meloroaster Reading the thyroid/clothes make the girl article and then the comments-one thing is they talk about chronic running over 65%--to be honest I would think, except for hills I probably run maybe just a little over this? I train pretty slow and when I am running dogs it is slow and steady too. I don't use my garmin. I know I should. After my double stress fracture a few years ago I had no desire to use it-I just wanted to run free.

      Have you had your thyroid tested? My gyn runs a simple test but he said those numbers were fine so I didn't explore it any further.

      No more weight loss--but I definitely have thinned out in my waist. I am sure I am an adrenal cortisol metabolic hurricane. What's a girls supposed to do?

      I did sprints this morning. My trainer said I kicked a** but of course, I am paying him There is a drain pipe which is just about 8 yards long-that is very steep. He had me run up it 10 times. I loved it. It is so steep you can hardly walk back down it-you really want to scoot down on your bottom.

      My new favorite meal is ground beef/pork sausage combo (all pastured from my friend's farm) mixed with shredded cabbage and caramelized onions with a runny fried egg on top. Yum. I make the meat/cabbage in massive amounts so it is ready to go for several days for my husband and I. The sausage is pretty spicy but I add turmeric, sea salt, garlic powder and pepper to the meat as I am browning it.


      • @relaygirl i haven't had my thyroid tested yet but i think i've always been on teh cusp so my GP ticked that box to check awhile back. will actually go in to get tested next week. we shall see!

        so i have quick crono-meter. decided enough is enough. it gets a little obsessive and at this point, i know when i'm eating too much/not enough. i'm going to focus on listening to my 'gut' more.

        excited for half marathon on may 5!! feel good, strong. will up my safe carbs a bit next week but won't go crazy. next up i will have to get on my bike as i'm doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer June 15-16!! 280km in 2 days...oof!!

        TGIF everyone!


        • Yeah. I am just about to start running around Diamond Head. I don't know when though. Maybe tomorrow or maybe Monday who knows. But I will love to start running on fat for 2-3 miles straight! Way to go relaygirl! Oh yeah and one more thing, what is your AG and what kind of race is it anyway. But good job!


          • Quick update-I am running better on the higher protein for sure--I ran 10K today with my mom's running group in 50 min. Way better than I have done in many months.

            I do not have my gall bladder, I wonder if this affected how I was processing fats for energy-maybe it wasn't efficient for me. I am definitely not low fat but I am not eating 60-70% fat anymore.

            I had my birthday dinner yesterday at a paleo burger place in downtown--SO GOOD! It was $10 but it was worth it.


            • Hey!
              So i just ran my 1:44:44!!! WOOT!!! Last 5km were tough but this is 3min over my last PB!!!! I have to say i carbo-loaded like a fiend for about 3 days. I ate candy, gluten-free pasta etc. No idea how much that helped (my gut was just ok, not great but i didn't have to use the loo during the race so that's a bonus!)

              Psyched to try another to see how I would do, if this was a fluke. Amazing the body.


              • Congratulations, Meloroaster!
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                • wow meloroaster!!! Way to go!!! That is an awesome time.

                  Okay, do you think you could have done it with just a sweet potato/rice carbo load?


                  • Good question! No idea...BUT there is a half where I live July 20 that i am probably going to run. Since i'll be at home i will be in better control of my food and i'm going to stick to primal with, like you said, a focus on sweet potato/rice and also fruit (maybe honey) carb loading. I am actually wondering if i might do better with primal carb loading because, as i mentioned, my gut was not great.

                    But don't get me wrong, the last 5km were VERY challenging. I did manage to maintain a similar pace throughout though...around 5min/km +/- 15sec.


                    • When I have done my relays in the past I did really well with eggs and sweet potatoes the night before. I like to mash my sweet potatoes with coconut oil and butter-then I sprinkle pastured bacon bits on top. Really, I think we need to not over eat for 13 miles. It is far, but not that far. I don't supplement anymore during but I used to like the honey stingers-or make my own.

                      My next half is trail, on the 18th. It is a super tough one-I won my AG last year and I can't remember the time but it was well over 2 hours. You have to pull yourself up in parts by tree roots.


                      • hey relaygirl good luck on your next trail race! let me know how/if you carb-loaded differently. i'm going to have to continue with some long distances both cycling and running as i have the ride to conquer cancer in a month and haven't been on my bike yet!


                        • Ughhh-I backed off on racing and now we have a family emergency and I might not get to race tomorrow after training for this particular trail half. It is obviously, the last thing of importance. My MIL is very, very ill-congestive heart failure. Husband had to go out of state to help care for her. I have the 3 kids and their 3 insane schedules. *sigh*

                          I'm still trying to get them squared away but it is like a big void of suddenly no one taking a kid to spend the night when most of the time it is no big deal.

                          That said, I have been eating breakfast every day this week. Not pushing the proteins but pushing the cherries I am just trying to get "well fed" for Saturday. I will probably make sweet potato hash today with some farm sausage and caramelized onions. I can eat that in the morning, if it all works out, with an egg on top.

                          I am not lean but I am strong.


                          • That's interesting. How do you incorporate the training into your crossfit schedule?

                            I mostly lift and do circuit training crossfit style for cardio, but being in the Army I still have to be somewhat good at running and trying to fit a decent running program in ontop of lots of heavy leg days + circuit training is next to impossible to do optimally. I've been having to always run on fatigued legs.

                            What's your training schedule look like?
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                            • Hey y'all, I made it to my race and I did really well-placed 3rd in my AG-it was a small race but I will take it! I was nice and steady the whole race and did not feel badly after. I was fine the next day with no aches at all. I had sweet potatoes and sausage that morning. I had 2 bp coffees before the race-it was a late start. I had 1/2 banana during the race and I made a chia pudding in a little pack and had that at mile 7.

                              Jack-I kind of incorporate some lifting and hiit into my running schedule-the opposite I lift 2 days a week. I run 5 days a week. It is an occupational hazard though because I run dogs for people at lunch.

                              I am taking a break from racing until mid June-Utah race then.


                              • Way to go Relaygirll!
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