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  • Half Marathon Routine

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a work out routine to run a half marathon doing primal?

    And slso should I increase carbs (sweet potato, squash etc.)?

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    Don't forget white rice. Otherwise can't help with the distance running, not my cup of tea.
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      I am not a runner and can't speak from experience, but can speak directly to your questions - I am signed up for my first half in November.

      I don't plan on any change to my workouts (2-3X Crossfit, sometimes scaled, plus one 4 mile and one 7 mile run per week).

      I can't imagine any need to increase carbs for a half marathon... It is a long run and a long distance to me, but really is not that far.

      Good luck!


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        I am a half marathoner-sometimes I run 5 of them a month-in the fall and spring. I do not add any food for a regular race. I am still experimenting with food on a difficult trail race-which takes longer than a road half. I am currently using nuts and cranberries in a baggie on the trail.

        I am taking a few weeks off of crossfit right now because I have several relays and it is just too much for me. But I usually crossfit 2-3 days and run, walk or hike 2-4 days. I do this 30-40 miles a week.