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Freddie Flintoff, Beer Monster to Another Paleo Athlete!!

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  • Freddie Flintoff, Beer Monster to Another Paleo Athlete!!

    Watching TV last night and there was a programme about Andrew (Fred) Flintoff. For my firends on the other side of the pond his bit of a Brit sporting hero in the world of cricket. If you google him you can find plenty on his cricket/drinking/partying... drinking and sometimes an amazing sporting performance. Generally his well loved in the UK. Anyway he retired form cricket a couple of years back due to injury.

    His a boxing fan and was messing round with Barry McGuigan on the pads in his spare time and they decided to see if he could train and go Pro for a fight.

    Anyway watching away last night they started working on his form, training and diet. Freddy was 119kg to start with. His a big lad and will fight heavyweight. They want him down to around 100kg.

    Mcguigans son whos coaching told him, "Bread, pasta, sugar, wheat etc etc are out, your going back to your caveman roots, your gonna learn to burn an be fueled by fat". Made me smile.

    The results are looking good. I think by week 8 he was down to 108kg. He should be fighting the end of the month. So good luck Freddy, I hope you can suppress the nice guy and be a bit nasty for a few rounds.

    Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff will get boxing licence | Mail Online

    I also googled Shane Mcguigan and he seems to have his other boxers on the Paelo diet, Carl Frampon being another.

    Nutrition | Back to basics: The caveman diet

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    For anybody interested,Freddie won on his debut.He is a fan of Manchester City,English Premier League champions,like myself and is an all round top banana but,unfortunately,not the most promising pugilist.
    Frequent injuries curtailed his cricket career.If he would have adopted his current lifestyle several years ago would this have been
    the case.Makes you think does it not?