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Primal for elite Masters Track and Road cyclist..

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  • Primal for elite Masters Track and Road cyclist..

    Hi there
    I have been eating primarily primal for a few months now, but I have conflicts with what I know about the primal diet and how I can incorporate it in with my chosen sport... I am a Masters track and road cyclist. So my events are 500TT, 2km pursuit on track and then 20km road time trial and occasional road races. I LOVE the sport and it suits my genetic makeup - I have long levers (legs) that are powerful and allow me to do really well at these events. My problem is that while I can keep my nutrition up fine - primal with additional carbs of sweet potatoes and white rice, the exercise side seems to be in conflict with the primal way. I have to do alot of base riding - long rides combined with heavy weight lifting and then interval training later in the season to bring in speed and explosive strength. My last season I was extremely fatigued and was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. as a result I have given up coffee and after a serious road cycling crash in April, I am missing the full summer season which is a forced rest. I am in a bad place right now as I am trying to rehab herniated discs in my back from the accident. Thankfully I am through all my nose operations and facial surgeries from the accident but I still have to recover from the generals (one was 5 hours long) that remain in my body. so...i have this season to figure out how to exercise and eat in line with the primal way that will support my chosen sport before my season starts again in Sep 2013. Any suggestions? does anyone have a similar conflict with the exercise side? I ADORE track cycling and dont want to give it up! THanks!